Wednesday, September 1, 2010

modern bird studios giveaway

Mandy and I recently had the pleasure of meeting a company named Modern Bird Studios. It is a modern art company that takes photographs and creates paintings from them. They take a picture and break it down into a two-color image, which results in abstract shapes that make up the form. They then use two colors (you get to pick from their color chart) to create the painting using a thick oak composite for the medium. Genius! We were each given a 12" x 12" painting of our little boys.

Aren't they fabulous? It was love at first sight when mine came in the mail. It is such a treasure! I also must add that Modern Bird Studios was an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely professional, extremely friendly, and very patient (we each needed to see several color options before deciding for sure!).

The fabulous news for you is that one of our dear readers will receive their own 12"x 12" custom piece from Modern Bird Studios (a $215 value!). All you have to do is leave us a comment with what picture you would have made into a painting if you are the lucky winner. For extra entries, you can follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter or Facebook. This giveaway is only open to readers in the lower 48 states and no previous winners are eligible to enter. The giveaway will end on Monday, September 6th at 11:59 pm PDT. For a limited you can also receive a special discount at Modern Bird Studios. If you use the code LITTLEBIRDIE you will get 15% off! It will expire one week after contest ends. Good luck!

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402 Responses to “modern bird studios giveaway”

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Becky B. said...

What an amazing offer to win such a wonderful piece of art! If chosen, I have a picture of me holding/comforting my son when he was only 2 years old. My husband took the photo of us, and everytime I see it my heart melts. My son is grown now, and will be getting married in April 2011, so I've been feeling a little sappy lately when I look through our scrapbooks. Thank you!

Dixie said...

I would use a close-up pic of my boys where they are cheek to cheek and laughing. It is one of my all time favorites!!
Dixie dlgunselman[at]yahoo[dot]com

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