Thursday, September 9, 2010

homemade beef stock

I don't know about you, but we use a lot of beef broth or stock in our house. When cool weather hits we are always making soups, stews, and other comfort food. I recently made my own homemade beef stock and it is delicious! It was relatively simple and I love that I can freeze it and have it on hand for several months.

I used the recipe found here. You can buy beef soup bones at many grocery stores as well as local butcher shops. We got ours from a local farm where we purchased beef. They were going to throw the bones away, but of course I saved them so I could make beef stock. Making this stock filled my home with a delicious aroma!

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5 Responses to “homemade beef stock”

Jenny Bolech said...

My husband makes chicken stock all the time and it is great! We've never tried beef stock though, although if we had some bones I'm sure he'd want to!

Tai Bender said...

This looks delish!! I wanted to say I LOVE your blog. You have been one of the many bloggers who inspired me to begin my own creative blog recently! I linked to you here:

the beginning

Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Tai Bender said...

This looks DELISH! I wanted to tall you I LOVE your blog! You and many others have inspired me to create my own creative blog. I linked to you here:

the beginning

Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

-Sydney- said...

I recognize that pot:) Glad you made use of those bones.

Marigold said...

I didn't find it in the original recipe, but you can use a crock pot for the 5 hours simmer time. If you need to reduce the liquid, leave the lid slightly ajar so steam can vent.

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