Tuesday, February 8, 2011

easy valentine wall decor {on the cheap}

We're guest posting over at Make and Takes today with this simple (and cheap) embroidery hoop Valentine's wall decor. Thanks for having us, Marie!

I decided to add a couple of other pieces to make a grouping. After you visit Make and Takes, check out the other on-the-cheap valentine decor tutorials below!

Decoupaged Canvas

*Artist's canvas
*Book pages or sheet music (or other patterned paper)
*Decoupage medium (like Mod Podge or Martha Stewart Sealing Glue)
*Crocheted doily

Somehow I left out a few pictures during the process, so you'll have to read a little more than usual. :)

1. Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium over canvas. I like Martha Stewart's brand because it has a brush built into the lid, but Mod Podge is still my favorite. Cover the canvas with book pages, folding the edges the way you would when wrapping a present.

2. Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium over the top of the covered canvas. Immediately press the doily onto the lower right corner of the canvas and wrap edges around. Trim off excess doily with the scissors. Spread a little Mod Podge on the back as well to hold the doily in place.

Next I cut a heart out of some of the same paper from the embroidery hoop art and stitched around the edges a few times.

For the button embellishment, I started with a chipboard button from Such Sweet Tierney (you'll find this one in the Vintage Lace set--I also used a piece of that set on a card on this post) and layered a threaded button on top.

I attached them both to the doily with Glue Dots.

That's it! You could embellish it further, but I was trying really hard to keep it simple!

Covered Wood Frame

*Square wood frame (I found mine at Michael's for $1)
*Acrylic paint and foam brush
*Patterned paper to cover entire frame
*Decoupage medium like Mod Podge or Martha Stewart's Sealing Glue
*Exacto Knife and cutting mat

1. Paint outer and inner edges with acrylic paint. Allow to dry a few mintues.

2. Apply a thin layer of decoupage medium to front of frame. Lay patterned paper on top and smooth out any air bubbles.

3. Turn over and place frame on cutting mat. Trim excess paper off edges and out of center of frame.

And that is it! I had to resist the urge to embellish this frame as well. Simplify!

Hang your pieces in a grouping. But don't forget to go to Make and Takes for the embroidery hoop art first!

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2 Responses to “easy valentine wall decor {on the cheap}”

Vanessa at Rescued Goods said...

Can't wait to try them all! Thank you!

Mad for Paper said...

Love this. the three elements look great together.

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