Thursday, April 30, 2009

giveaway winners part 2

Well, the giveaway week is officially over, and here are the rest of our lucky winners!

The winner of the Doctrines and Diapers giveaway is

Love Bug Momma of Little Love Hugs

The winner of the My Mommy Can Draw giveaway is

The Titmi

The winner of the Boogaboo Babies is

Michelle Underwood

The winner of the Book Bound giveaway is

Anne of The Molino Family

The winner of the Maisy Daisy giveaway is

TWINkle Moments

The winner of the Heather Mann Photography giveaway is

Jessica of Variety is the Spice

The winner of the Your Every Color Jewelry is

Lena of One Day At A Time

Congrats to all of our winners! Please contact us at with your info so we can put you in touch with our giveaway sponsors. Now, don't be too sad if you weren't a winner of these giveaways. Remember, we are having another giveaway week in May, so make sure you keep your eye out for that!

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4 Responses to “giveaway winners part 2”

Anne said...

I'm so glad you guys started up with the giveaways! thanks a bunch!

Rane said...

Congrats to all that won!
May your great luck rub off
on me next time!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!!!!! I wanted those reusable lunch bags!!! ;)I am super excited!

Unknown said...

Sorry about that last post, I was apparently logged into my son's acct. Anyway! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win those reusable lunch bags! YAY!!!!

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