Tuesday, April 28, 2009

denim picnic blanket quilt-along - part 4

Sorry for the break in our regular quilt-along series. Hope you had fun with all our great giveaways last week while you were waiting!

So now on to the final part of our denim blanket project. I did make a modification to the supplies list to ensure the vinyl tablecloth would hold the bottom part of the snap. There is more than one way to reinforce the edges, but I'll show you how I did it and you can do it however you want to. I wish I would've seen this article on Martha before I started this project--it would've saved us all some time! If you don't want to take the time to make a denim blanket, you can really use any blanket and attach the vinyl tablecloth for the same effect.

I used about 9 yards of twill tape and sewed it around the edges on the back side. I found it for .37 a yard.

I stopped, backstitched, and broke off the thread, then folded the edge over at the corners. Then I started sewing again around the corner. I did this on all the way around, then on the inside of the twill tape all the way around again.

When I got to the end I just overlapped the tape and backstitched a few times.

You could easily just use a small piece of twill tape where you will have your snaps to save money (and time). Or, a reader suggested using a small piece of a denim patch, like you use to patch the knees in a pair of jeans, under each snap. This would work great, too.

On to the snaps. Here are the supplies you'll need:

*Heavy-duty denim snaps (since it's only one layer of denim, these might not be necessary, but it's what I used)
*Snap setting tool (to match the size snaps you bought)
*Fabric marking pen
*Pencil with eraser
*Hammer (don't use a wimpy one like the one pictured here--I endedup switching to a full size hammer because the little one was too weak)

These are the four pieces of snaps. The first two (from left to right) are for the top (blanket). The second two are for the tablecloth.

These are the tools to set the snaps. You can use the instructions on the back of the package, or follow along with me below.

1. Lay out the tablecloth on the floor with the waterproof side down. Lay your finished blanket on top. Mark on your blanket where each snap will go, then make a corresponding mark on the tablecloth so you can match up the sides of the snap. I did the four corners plus a few in between on each side.

2. Put the snap head on your mark and press the prongs down through the denim.

Using your eraser, press down on each prong. This will help the prongs go through the denim without poking you!

3. Set the corresponding piece over the prongs.

4. Place the protective cover on the top of the snap (so it doesn't get dinged up when you hammer it).

5. Hold it there and turn that part of the blanket over. Place on a hard surface (don't do this on the carpet--the pieces won't set right). Protect your hard surface if you need to (I used a cutting board on my tile). Put the other tool over the top of the back side of the snap. Hit it with your hammer 2-3 times. This should set it.

6. Find your mark on the tablecloth. Repeat the steps for setting the bottom side of the snap using the other pieces. Put a snap on each place you marked.

That is it! Now get out there and have a picnic!

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15 Responses to “denim picnic blanket quilt-along - part 4”

GroovyGirl said...

that is too cute! I think I will have to make that.

kristib said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I'm collecting denim now, but who knows when I'll actually make the blanket? It's perfect for our family, though, because we love to picnic!

kathirynne said...

Do you think sew-on snaps would work?

I hate doing the "pound-on" ones!

Fantastic project, by the way!

Amy J Smith said...

All I have to do now is sew on the binding, which is cut and ready, and sew the twill tape and snaps!! I'm so excited for it to be finished...I swear I planned our camping trip next weekend in honor of our soon-to-be new picnic blanket :)

Anne said...

it might be obvious, but My question is... is the back is supposed to snap on?

Anonymous said...

I just finished mine a couple of days ago. I loved this project but am glad it is over. I'm looking forward to warm weather so I can use it!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this tute! i finished my blanket yesterday and am very happy with it! awesome idea! we'll be breaking it in on mother's day! thank you again!

Carmen said...

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! It's perfect, will be durable...can't wait to make one...now...who's jeans don't fit???? Thanks for posting this tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Very cute, I have been wanting to make something with all the old jeans in the house.

Anna Dawn said...

Wow, how great that you have provided a tutorial for everyone! I wish I would have seen this before I made my jean quilts a little over a year ago. If you want to check them out they are here:


Love your blog! Thanks for all the great tutorials!

Play Room Time said...

I love love love your denim picnic blanket! Can't wait to walk up to my attic and get out those old jeans I have saving to make a quilt. To think I turned down offers of old jeans saying "nah,I have more than I will use". The denim is so grass friendly as well. Will wear well! Thank you!

Jill said...

This quilt is so cute. I made one a bit ago with appliqued lady bugs and kept the pockets to stuff junk in them. My daughter loves to put her sun glasses in those pockets. I'll post a picture on my blog soon.
Find it at mamajillof2crafts.blogspot.com

Krista said...

This idea popped in my head today and I just KNEW someone had already done it. So I checked Pinterest for "how to's" and there you were! THANK YOU so much for sharing!

Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a picture of the reverse side? I'd love to see how the vinyl tablecloth looks.


Emma said...

Thank you! I've been collecting denim for this very purpose for a while now, but wasn't sure how I was going to do the backing, or avoid bulky seams, I'm going to give this a go :)

Debamongorangeblossoms said...

This is wonderful! I have my daughters cutest jeans and overalls from infant through elementary school (and then some!) and suddenly thought this would be a great way to showcase them, rather than having them packed away in boxes. :). Then, to my delight, I found this! Love the idea of the possibility of waterproofing it on one side! Could you tell me, please, whether you take it apart to wash it?

I haven't quilted for years and am wanting to get into it again after finding several quilts well on their way to completion last year. I've just been wishing I could take a class simply to have the motivation and fellowship. Are you still doing quilt-alongs?

Thanks for sharing this! Love it!

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