Tuesday, April 7, 2009

easy bunny napkin ring

Today we're pleased to have guest blogger Chrissie of Flip Flops and Applesauce show us a quick and easy spring themed napkin ring! Flip Flops and Applesauce is all about ideas for family togetherness. We love her simple but creative ideas that we can do with our kids! Be sure to check her out. Thanks for the great idea and tutorial, Chrissie!

Bunny Napkin Ring

These fresh and simple bunny napkin holders are such a happy addition to an Easter or spring meal.


  • White cardstock paper
  • Double stick tape or glue
  • Rhinestone gem stickers - blue for eyes, pink for nose


1. Tear the white paper into strips approximately 1.5" x 6". They do not need to be exact.

*The trick to tearing paper is to keep both hands close to the part you are ripping and tear only about a centimeter at a time. The rough, imperfect edges make the bunny look even more cuddly and adorable.

2. Tape or glue the strip into a circle.

3. Tear out two ears - sort of a stretched tear drop shape about two inches long. Tape or glue the ears behind the circle. Curl the top of the ears forward with a pencil or around a finger.

4. Stick the blue gems on for eyes and the pink gem on for a nose.

5. Set the table with a sweet bunny napkin holder at each place.

Happy Easter!

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8 Responses to “easy bunny napkin ring”

Ronda said...

I plan on making those cute bunny napkin rings, what a cute idea, thanks.

Ronda said...

I love thses bunny napkin rings, I plan on making them for Easter, thanks for posting them, they are really cute.

Anonymous said...

this is precious.thank you...Ann

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including my guest post on your blog!

Unknown said...

Cute idea!

jackie said...

fun! thanks for sharing!

Atticelf said...

I just peeked at Chrissie's blog - love it! Thanks for sharing her link. :)

Running Thread said...

These will be on our table for Easter Sunday lunch. Thanks for sharing!

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