Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pencil cases

I'm the type who has to dig through her purse for ten minutes to find a pen. And I'm sure I was the same way in school with my backpack. (Or Esprit shoulder bag as it were--you couldn't go to my middle school in the early nineties without one). This cute pencil case is a perfect solution to keep your kids' backpacks organized. Or my purse. I better get on this one. If you saw our link to the easy make-up bag tutorial, this is the same bag with different dimensions. Here's Stacy's creation with step-by-step photos. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to enter our back-to-school giveaway by linking us on your blog and leaving us a comment!

Kids Pencil Case

You'll need:

*Two pieces of fabric cut to 10" x 4"
*Zipper (18"-22" best for this size bag)
*Sewing machine and thread
*Fray Check or similar product

*Fray Check the edges of your cut fabric to minimize fraying inside the bag.

*Iron a 1/2" fold on one of the long sides of each piece. This is where your zipper will go.

*Sew your zipper down one side, turn and stitch across the zipper, then turn and stitch down other piece of fabric to attach. Sew across the zipper on opposite end as well.

*Match pieces right-sides together and sew along bottom. Trim zipper on both ends.

*Flatten tube with zipper in the middle.

*Sew both ends closed.

*Pinch the corners out to give your box depth (see original tutorial for more information). Stitch all four corners.

*Trim corners and apply Fray Check.

*Turn right-side out.

*Fill with your favorite pencils and pens and never be without one again!

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9 Responses to “pencil cases”

Wendy said...

I saw your "monsters" today on the Crafty Crow! Congrats!

Heidi Boos said...

These are the kinds of goodies where I wish I owned a sewing machine...or at least knew how to sew! :) So cute and fun!

Somer said...

I love these bags. I usually avoid zippers, but I need to give this a try.

Barbara Brown said...

hope i'm not to late for your giveaway contest. i've linked you to my blog. come chek it out. you gals have great tips.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

You're not too late for the giveaway--we're running it all week! Thanks for entering! And thanks for the love on the Crafty Cow post!

Heidi, you should check out the Singer sewing machine on sale at Target this week--just $69! A great way to get started.

Somer, I usually avoid zippers, too, but these are WAY easy. Not like the zippers you've done before.

Thanks to everyone for commenting! We love comments!

Lisita said...

I'm a mom with no school aged kids in my 30's and I still get excited over all the school supplies every time the end of August comes around. It's a crazy obsession. :) Love the pencil case!!

greetingarts said...

Oh my gosh, how cute are those piggies?! I might have to overcome my FOZ (fear of zippers) to try this. You made it look simple enough...

Eternal Sunshine said...

I have to stop looking! Every idea is better than the one before (after, since I'm reading these in reverse order, but whatever)

I've got piles of "boy fabric" and no idea what to do with it all. Now I know!!

Celia said...

Fray check. I am going to take good note of this product. Thanks so much for sharing it, I didn't know it but I think it can be my big HELP while sewing, lol...

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