Monday, August 4, 2008

easy make-up bag

One of the projects that inspired us to begin this blog is this fun make-up bag. I am addicted to these little cuties! They are so quick and easy to make. We found the tutorial over at threebears--click here to see it. One little change--we added a piece of duckcloth (canvas) to make it a little sturdier. You can also add a third layer--a yummy lining to match. Just adhere the outside fabric to one side of the canvas and the lining fabric to the other side with a craft or fabric spray adhesive before you start sewing. A few of our readers have already received one of these bags filled with lotion, lip gloss, anti-bacterial handwash, etc. as birthday, Mother's Day, and thank-you gifts. Lucky you!

Try modifying the measurements to create different sized and shaped bags. This little one is a camera case. The camera's strap hangs out the end after it's zipped so it can be carried. (Sorry there's not a picture with the camera in it, but that proved to be a little difficult.)

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6 Responses to “easy make-up bag”

Andrea said...

I love this idea and I think I am going to use it to make a few little make up bags for my nieces for Christmas.

Lindsey said...

I am one lucky recipient of these darling bags. They are soooo cute! I would to give them as gifts. Are you selling them?

Somer said...

Oh, so cute. I need to make some of these. I think I'll try oilcloth. Thanks for the link.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Oilcloth is a great idea, especially since makeup can be so messy!

Jode said...

I use my bag for my jewelry...thanks to Mandy. It is the perfect travel size. Thanks girls!

Annie Pazoo said...

This really is one of favorite small bags to make, so I had to come back (some months later) and post a comment. It's so easy, and the dimensions can be easily changed, too, for a longer or taller bag. I've also adapted it by covering the seams with bias in a coordinating print, and have also made some with a a true lining (seams/selvedges hidden). A great bag!

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