Saturday, August 2, 2008

when life gives you lemons. . .make a new ironing board cover!

It was a slow day so the kids and I decided to tackle all of our household chores. We thought if we got a lot of them done we could play more this weekend while the sun is out. During cleaning I had the most bizarre freak accident. The ironing board was collapsed, but not put away. As I was vacuuming I accidentally sucked up the ironing board cover’s string. Before I even knew what happened, the whole bottom of the ironing board cover was completely ripped to shreds and that was the end of that. My first reaction was, “Oh Drats! This is the last thing I need today, blah, blah, blah.” Then after calming down and removing the ironing board pieces wrapped around the vacuum cleaner wheels, I began to feel a little bit of glee. I hated that ironing board cover. It was so plain and boring. Excitement grew in me because I now had the perfect excuse to recover the board in something a little more hip. I’ve seen great tutorials on how to recover them here and here. This is the finished product. Do you hate your ironing board cover, too?

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One Response to “when life gives you lemons. . .make a new ironing board cover!”

Andrea said...

How cool! Now it's not just a boring old iron, it's actually cutsie! I wonder if that will help make ironing less of a drag?! Hope so!

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