Thursday, August 21, 2008

button rings and hair things

One of the most exciting parts of going back to school is looking good! Here are a few ideas to help all the little princesses out there accessorize their new school clothes, for next to nothing. We were inspired by a simple button bracelet tutorial featured on Martha Stewart and thought, why stop at bracelets? We made rings and hair elastics, too!

First find a few buttons you can stack to make an interesting combination. Glue together using a strong craft glue (we recommend a glass and bead glue, but E6000 also worked for us). Then glue to any ring. We found a package of 50 little adjustable wedding favor rings for $.50!

For hair elastics, first stitch the base button to the elastic using a needle and thread, going through the button's holes and around the elastic. Secure with a sewing knot. Then glue additional buttons on top.

Check out this adorable button flower pin tutorial we found by artsy-crafty babe. You could have an entire matching set--bracelet, ring, hair elastics, and pin! Try a pair of earrings if you're really daring.

Another fun project is fabric-covered headbands. We purchased plain faux-leather headbands for $1 (no teeth, please). Then we cut a piece of fabric long enough to cover the top and wrap under about an inch, and wide enough to wrap around to the middle. Glue on with a fabric glue, then cover the inside seam with a piece of coordinating ribbon. Add an easy bow by making a fabric tube out of matching fabric, turning right-side out, and tying in a knot on the headband. Tuck the tails under the knot and secure with fabric glue. This takes hardly any fabric, so you can use your scraps to make one to match every outfit!

After you're done making a few of these cuties, don't forget to link us on your blog and leave us a comment during Back-to-School week so you can be entered to win a few more!

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6 Responses to “button rings and hair things”

Lisita said...

These are beyond adorable, they are also brillant! Love them. :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous ideas. I love the button rings. Now if I could just get my daughter to wear a hairband . . .

Eternal Sunshine said...

My step-daughter would love these... She's such a complete girly-girl. It's nice to be able to do the girly things with someone!!

PS - Sorry for all the comments at once, I only just discovered you, and I'm a bit of a craft-junkie...

Anonymous said...

Love, love the button rings! I featured them on my glue gun site. Thanks!

Chels said...

Fun! I've seen the rings before but I really like the button ponytail holders and bracelet ideas. Thanks! One question about the rings. Where did you buy the little adjustable wedding favor rings?

Lines Across said...

These are so adorable! I came across these on Pinterest and I am featuring them on a button themed craft post at Lines Across My Face.
:) Rachel

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