Monday, August 4, 2008

nearly fat-free and cake wrecks

I know, sounds too good to be true. But the experts over at have come up with this almost guiltless summer dessert and we couldn't resist sharing it. This Easy Raspberry Trifle recipe has angel food cake (fat free), raspberries (in the fruit food group, so it's automatically healthy), and yogurt (in the dairy group, so again, healthy, right?). It's almost not even in the dessert category. Except that it tastes really good. Go figure.

But if you're not in the mood for a healthy dessert, or just need a good laugh, check out these awesome cakes we found on the cakewrecks blog. This blog makes me feel so much better about my baking skills. And it has some great inspiration when you're fresh out of cake decorating ideas. I can't remember the last birthday cake I've seen that featured Chuck Norris with a machine gun.

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One Response to “nearly fat-free and cake wrecks”

Wendy said...

My cousin Jillinda sent me your way, and I am not disappointed! What a great blog! Can't wait to see more!

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