Tuesday, November 16, 2010

christmas cards the easy way - a cardstore.com discount

We're working on some great tutorials and recipes for the holidays, which means my Christmas cards will probably get pushed to the wayside again this year. I LOVE making my own Christmas cards, but last year I cut down my list from about 60 to 10. Enter the pre-printed Christmas card. I normally wouldn't let someone else make my cards, but they had so many great designs! I love that Cardstore.com let me sample their services so I can still keep in touch with family and friends without pulling several all-nighters this year. And I am so excited about the way they turned out!

It was difficult to pick a design (there are so many great ones), but I loved how the red gingham looked with the pretty turquoise backdrop in our picture. I also loved the look and feel of the cards. I was expectinga glossy photo paper, but they were printed on a gorgeous, thick, matte card stock (100% recycled material). I was so impressed. The other thing I loved was the address pre-printed on the envelope. If you want you can upload your addresses and they'll send them out for you FOR FREE! I wasn't quite that together, but I love that my envelopes are all ready to go.

Of course I can't send them out without giving them a little touch of handmade goodness. I added a pretty red bow out of my favorite seam binding ribbon. I couldn't help myself.

Because I had such a fabulous experience with Cardstore.com, Little Birdie Secrets and Cardstore want to offer our readers a 20% discount off your first Cardstore.com purchase now through December 31st. Just use code CSHOLIDAY20. Do it, and you'll have more time to make some of the fun Christmas crafts we have coming your way soon!

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6 Responses to “christmas cards the easy way - a cardstore.com discount”

Nikki said...

Is there a code we need to use to get the 20% off discount?

Covington's said...

I just love your blog. I have 'borrowed' so many of your ideas since finding your site.
I have a question about the 20% discount... How do I get the discount? Is there a code or something that I have overlooked?? I am trying to choose between a few of them for our family photo card.

Sarah Takens said...

I love your blog so I gave you an award! Find it at www.takens-tidbits.blogspot.com

cortney said...

they look darling and it will make me happy to recieve this & know you still got some sleep! :)

your boys are looking so grown up!

Danelle said...

This is so cute! Great idea :)

Angel said...

No need to pull all nighters, just start a little early :)
I blogged about my card routne here:

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