Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving place cards, napkin rings, favors, and more!

Jennifer is back with more vintage Thanksgiving clip art projects! She's created an entire Thanksgiving paper feast for us. And you're going to die when you see the amazing printable "blessing cards" she put together for you!

Thanksgiving Vintage Clip Art Projects
Last week I made a banner for Thanksgiving using vintage collage art. All week I have been thinking about those adorable vintage images and trying to figure out how to use them again. I just goes against my thrifty nature to waste all that lovely clip art. I came up with four ways to use the collage art and leftovers from last week’s project. This would be a great project for kids of all ages. They can even work on them while you are cooking dinner.

These projects are simple and quick to put together. Check out this post to see where to get vintage clip art. You are going to need to print multiple images in several sizes.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
A napkin ring is so cute and so simple to put together. Resize desired images to 1.5” wide. Print and mount on cardstock. Punch two holes in the top and tie with ribbon.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Place card holders are a must at the Thanksgiving table. How else would we know where we are supposed to sit? Give one of your children the job of assigning the seating. It’s a really important job making sure that everyone gets to sit next to their favorite Grandma.

Resize image to about 2” wide. Using leftover cardstock from last weeks project, or scraps from another project, cut a rectangle about 4.5” wide by 3.75" tall. Fold in half. Glue image to the left side of the place card. Write guests names on the place card. Having your child use their handwriting would be adorable.

Thanksgiving Leftover Containers
It’s always fun to send leftovers home with your guests. It’s even more fun for them if their leftover container is cute. These tags for leftovers are not washable, so remind your guests to remove them before they wash their container.

Resize images. Check out your container lids to see what size they need to be. Find a bowl or lid about the right size as your container and use it as a template. Cut out. Tape the image to the lid of your leftover container.

Thanksgiving Blessings Table Favor
This was my favorite project of all. Click on the image of the library cards below and print your own (see instructions below image for best results). Cut out a library pocket holder using leftover scraps of colored cardstock, fold and glue. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a die cut center in your basement, (I just happened to keep my favorite dies when I closed my scrapbook store) use this template to cut out your library card pocket. Resize your image to about 3”. Cut out and mount to the front of the library pocket. Print enough blessing cards for everyone at your thanksgiving table. Have your guests fill them out while they are waiting for dinner. If you take a photo of your guests during dinner you can mount your photo and this library pocket holder right into your scrapbook. It’s good to look back on the things that we are grateful for.

Instructions for printing "Blessings" library cards: Click on image. In your browser, go to the Page Setup command (should be under the File menu). Be sure your image has the "shrink to fit" option checked and then change your margins to .25" on all sides. Then go to the Headers and Footers section and select "empty" or "blank" for all options. This prevents the printer from printing the Web page information on your card stock. These steps are critical if you want it to print in the right dimensions. You may also try saving the JPEG and print from your computer if you are unable to change your browser's print options. Send us an e-mail if you can't get it to work!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to “thanksgiving place cards, napkin rings, favors, and more!”

Midwest Elle said...

This is the reason I wish I had guests coming. I feel silly getting the whole house and table set up when it is just my husband, baby and I for Thanksgiving. Someday I want a huge get-together so that I can make pretty things like these!

Amy said...

I love the ideas and especially love the vintage look! I'd also like to print your "thanksgiving blessings cards", but there's a little typo on your and should say you. I hate to point it out, but thought you'd like to know.

Country Mouse said...

Oh Wow!!! These projects are awesome! I cannot wait to try them!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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