Wednesday, June 10, 2009

play with your food - edible family activities

We three birdies love to craft and we do not discriminate when it comes to our craft supplies. We love to experiment and try new things. Inspired by this contest that challenges people to make a roller coaster out of pretzels, we decided to try this and turn it into a fun family activity. Sometimes it is okay to play with your food, right? We knew our kids would love being the “architects” of their own roller coasters. Plus, the winner will win a year's supply of Snyder's pretzels and a trip to Busch Gardens in Colonial Williamsburg, my old stompin’ grounds. My (Stacy) first job ever was at Busch Gardens. I have nothing but fond memories of that place--well, minus the pastel pink French costume and mop hat. Note: We found out WA residents are not eligible to win the trip, so check the official rules before entering. We thought this would still be fun, even if we couldn't win.

Three opened bags of pretzels and a few hot glue burns later, we are off to a great start on our pretzel coaster. Here’s our work in progress. We hope to finish it up in the next day or two. It’s wonderful to see your favorite people getting creative and expressing themselves in a positive way. Now, we just need to figure out how to make a triple loop de loop. Check out another blogger, Croq-Zine's design. LOVE the Cheerios for wheels!

UPDATE! Here's our finished coaster!

Pretzels not your thing? Try making ice cream sculptures. Carving ice cream into works of art is a fun group activity, plus you get to nibble on the excess ice cream. Score! Refreshments and entertainment all rolled into one.

You can let each person have their own carton of ice cream, or divide up into teams. Remove the paper carton, gather up some creative kitchen utensils, and dig in! Don't forget to wear gloves if you intend to eat your art later. These cute girls came up with a beehive, a cupcake, and a head stone. Pretty creative (and delicious!).

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7 Responses to “play with your food - edible family activities”

My Trendy Tykes said...

good luck on the roller coaster!

Jennie said...

Quick question. . . how well would this work if you used royal icing instead of hot glue?? My kids LOVE making stuff out of their snacks! (we did an awful looking but yummy rice krispie bridge!)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Now that looks like fun! Thank you for the fantastic inspiration!

Heather - said...

Thanks for linking to mine! :) Making a rollercoaster will definitely be a future activity for us when my sons get a little older. We just settled on letting the 2yo play with the coaster when it was done.

The ice cream carving looks hilarious! :)

Thanks for your amazing blog!

Anonymous said...

Now i just want to go get ice cream. Hehe....

Julie said...

was the ice cream carving for activity days? I am always looking for new ideas.

Unknown said...

Not sure if I want to sculpt ice cream, but I sure would like a big bowl right now!!

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