Thursday, June 18, 2009

last minute father's day shirt and tie card

We made this fun shirt and tie card last year at a play group, so I have no idea who to give the credit to for the idea! But it's a very quick and easy Father's Day card--perfect if you're last minute like me.

What you'll need:

*Solid color paper cut to 4" x 12"
*Coordinating paper for the tie
*The tie template offered here (see special printing instructions below)
*2 small buttons (try raiding your "extra button" collection)

1. Fold your 4"x12" paper in half for the card.

2. Click on the tie template above. Go to File, Print Preview in your browser's menu. Go to where it says "Scale" on the menu bar of the Print Preview screen and select 50%. Click Print. (This should work for most of you, but I'm not positive it will work for everyone--your tie should be about 4 3/4" long when printed correctly). Trace the template onto your coordinating paper and cut it out.

3. Adhere the tie to the center of your card about 1" from the top.

4. Measure 1" down from the top on the top corners of the card. Measure in 3/4" in from each edge at the 1" mark.

5. Cut a notch 1" down and 3/4" in (using your marks) on each top edge.

6. Fold the strip points in at a slight angle so the points meet. They should resemble a shirt collar. Glue down.

7. Glue buttons on bottom points to look like a real shirt collar. What a handsome card!

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17 Responses to “last minute father's day shirt and tie card”

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Isn't that the cutest card! Thanks for the quick tutorial! Jenn

:::b r a n d i::: said...

This isa super cute (and easy!) card! Nice.

Rachael said...

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

We made these a year or two ago...I think we saw them in Family Fun. Way easy and WAY cute. I'm considering making them again this year, actually. Grandpas won't remember, will they?

Atticelf said...

Fun card! What dad wouldn't like that??

Brianne said...

I made 5 of these yesterday with my toddler. To make it more personal I had her color a piece of card stock and then cut the ties from that. They turned out cute.

SonyaB said...

I read this earlier and imediatly packed up my kids to go get the stuff!! Thanks a TON! My 2 yr old even helped me make it.

SoSoBella said...

cute. thank you for the tutorial. i have that paper packet, love it!!!

Hena Tayeb said...

cute card.

Tiffany said...

thanks for the tutorial.

i will be linking


Matsuken said...

This is so great and so creative...


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Matsuken said...


THis is so great and so creative.. I like the way it has been made..:D

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Unknown said...

Wow great work. This is very cool stuff. I never imagined that we can make a tie out of this type. Thanks for sharing these steps with us. I admire your work.

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The Wisemans said...

PLease HELP. Okay Perhaps I am not that smart lol. Once you have the flaps of the shirt pulled over and glued down ho win the heck do they open the card? obviously part of the top is still attached since we only cut 3/4 of an inch in to make the flaps of the shirt. hmm.. I am confused!

Marta said...

Hi! You can see this post on my blog, I writed about the Father’s day! Your ideas are so beautiful!Thanks, Marta

Unknown said...

I love this card, however I wanted to include a message. So I adjusted the collar a bit and cut the folded side so that I could open it up from the bottom to write a note. Just a thought....Very simple and looks fabulous though!!

Sparz said...

Isn't. 4×12 inch a little too small?

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