Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hip kids clothes that you didn't have to make

We know not all of you out there sew. So we thought we could occasionally give some tips and hints for getting the same look as cool handmade stuff from other sources. We found this online retailer called R&S Avenue that features hip kids clothes. They have awesome designer kids clothes and edgier looks for little ones. Some of them are seriously hilarious!

For example, if you don't sew, you might like this alternative from R&S Avenue to the "ruffle butt" onesie tutorial I saw the other day over at UCreate.

Or maybe you remember our link to the rock 'n roll baby gown pattern from This Mama Makes Stuff. If the pattern seems too daunting, you can save your Black Sabbath t-shirt and get one here.

And if you loved our idea for making your own silly kids t-shirts with iron-on heat transfer material, check out this cool version.

R&S also sells cool kids items like Baby Legs, which we've shown you how to make, too. See, you don't have be embarrassed if you don't know how to sew cool kids clothes--your kids can still dress cool.

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