Monday, June 15, 2009

oliver + s sandbox pants pattern

My son goes through pants so fast. Very few pants survive his rough and tumble play, especially the knees. Browsing through the clearance section of Joann’s one day I found a great deal on organic cotton and bamboo fabric. I decided to make him some play pants and thought these would be the perfect fabrics.

I used the Oliver+S Sandbox Pants pattern and whipped up a pair of “scooter pants” in no time at all. I love this pattern and thought it was so easy to follow. It is definitely a pattern a beginner could try out.

I let my son pick out a really cool bug print fabric to line the pockets. I think this is his favorite part. Now, he can say he has bugs in his pockets without actually having to have real, live creepy crawlies in there--thank goodness! Here are pictures. As you can see he was excited to try these “scooter pants” out and immediately got on his scooter. (It is too nice of a day to have him stand still.)

I also purchased the Sunday Brunch Jacket pattern. When I picked up the organic khaki fabric I also picked up some beautiful fabric for this jacket. That is still on my “to do” list. I am now a fan of Oliver + S patterns so I will definitely be doing this one soon.

If you enjoy sewing children's clothing (or any type of clothing, really), you should check out Oliver + S's schoolhouse presentation on their blog called Principles of Fabric Selection. The weekly blog posts will cover these topics to help you create well-designed handmade clothing:
  • See the child before the outfit
  • Think sophisticated and understated
  • Look at the supporting fabrics in a collection, not necessarily the central prints
  • Solid colors and neutrals can ground a bright, busy print
  • Be eclectic; don’t be afraid to mix collections
  • Look for updated versions of traditional prints
  • Tonal and two-color prints look very fresh
  • Approach juvenile prints with caution
The series just started a few weeks ago, so get caught up now and then follow their blog for more professional fabric advice!

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4 Responses to “oliver + s sandbox pants pattern”

That Crazy Ajumma said...

The pants turned out adorable!
Great Job!

Julie H said...

Great job! My son and nephew (both 6) think it's cool to wear jeans with the knees all blown out. It's a good thing I guess lol.

Thoris Designs said...

those are great. i can't wait to sell some knitted goodies and have the money for that sewing machine i'm craving.

on another note, thanks so much for the comments on my blog. i'm sure i'll be blogging about the projects i've picked up here a lot more in the future.

and about my header, the little dancing girl was actually designed by my daughter. she scribbled it on a candy wrapper and i had to use it for my line of children's goodies (which will hopefully be on soon).

thanks again, ladies! i love your blog so much. i visit every day now;)

Jess said...

Thanks for the review! All of the Oliver + S patterns are on my list of things to do, these pants will be next.

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