Thursday, December 22, 2011

magnetic perpetual calendar {tutorial & printables}

Another great tutorial from Kalli of Sister Secrets while I madly sew last minute burp cloths and blankets! This perpetual calendar would be a great project to work on with sisters or friends during the holiday break. She's even provided free printables for the calendar pieces! Thanks, Kalli!

I recently purchased the We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper.  I love the Crop-a-dile, and have been eyeing the Chomper for some time.  After buying the Chomper, I had to come up with a great way to use it, so my husband wouldn’t roll his eyes (as much) at my purchase of “another unnecessary crafty tool.”  I came up with this adorable perpetual calendar, a project that would put my Chomper to good use!  Let me show you how to make one yourself.

Perpetual Calendar Tutorial & Printables

Supplies needed:
*A piece of sheet metal trimmed to 16 x 12.5 inches
*Fabric of your choice (approx. 20 x 16.5 inches)
*Printable fabric sheets (mine came from JoAnn)
*Free calendar printables (or make your own)
*Spray adhesive (optional)
*Glue gun
*Corner Chomper (optional—shhh, don’t tell my husband!)
*Magnet Sheet
*2 pieces of white 12 x 12 cardstock

1. After trimming your sheet metal down to 16" x 12.5", grab that Chomper and round the corners.  I used the ½ inch corner rounder.  If you don’t have a Chomper, you can round the corners with a pair of heavy duty scissors.  Be careful—the edges of the sheet metal can be sharp!

2. Now lay your sheet metal on top of your fabric and cut around the edges so you have approximately 1-2 inches fabric all around the sheet metal. 
3. Now print your perpetual calendar and calendar topper on printable fabric. You can get the printable files here for free. I love using printable fabric! It’s so easy to run through your printer, and gives any project that extra special touch.  Printable fabric comes in many colors and can be found on Etsy or most fabric stores.  I bought mine at JoAnn; I like the Colorfast brand because the directions are clear and you can heat set your image making it washable! This project would work great too using paper, if that is more your style.

 4. Center and pin the calendar and topper on your fabric and sew around all the edges.  If you are using paper, using the longest stitch length works best.

5. Time to put your fabric on the sheet metal. In a well-ventilated area, spray your sheet metal with spray adhesive. This part is totally optional, but I found it keeps your fabric from moving around when gluing it down on the other side. Center your calendar over the sheet metal and smooth down.  Don’t worry if you don’t get it centered on the glued metal the first time, you still have a minute or two to peel off and reposition.

6. Flip the  calendar over and hot glue the edges down, pulling the fabric tight as you glue.

7. Round two corners of your 12 x12 cardstock; spray adhesive (Mod Podge works great too) one side of the cardstock and use both pieces to cover the entire back side of the calendar, hiding the glued edges. Again, this step is optional, but really makes the calendar look finished.

8. For the Month, Day and Number markers, cut two 2 x 1.25 inch rectangles and one 1.5 x 1.25 rectangle out of the magnet sheet.  I covered the non-magnetic side with some extra pieces of scrapbook paper I had on hand, just because I’m crazy like that!  Now cut a window with the craft knife out of each rectangle leaving 0.25 inch boarder.  

9. Punch holes at the top and thread a piece of ribbon or wire through to hang. Embellish it any way you like! I used a ruffled ribbon like Mandy shows in this tutorial and some buttons and vintage earrings.

There you have it! A cute fabric perpetual calendar! These are great gifts that can be used all year long. Oh, and little Merry Christmas present to you, you can get your FREE perpetual calendar and topper here at the Little Birdie Secrets downloads page. Enjoy and Merriest of Christmases to you!

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2 Responses to “magnetic perpetual calendar {tutorial & printables}”

Bex said...

I love these!! I'm not super crafty, but I would love to be!! I think I'm going to whip these out for my sisters & mom as a fun Winter Present!! I'm thinking of throwing our family pic as the header to make it a combo-gift. yay!! I love your crafty blog!! (I found it when I googled "paper star wreaths")

Unknown said...

Hi Mandy

I found your blog after you had posted on 'Under the table and dreaming' - I loved the skirt you made for your little girl... alas, I have two teenage boys - even my dogs are boys!!!

Anyway, I then saw a couple of other projects before landing on this perpetual calendar project. I love how you have made yours and your pictoral tutorial is really easy to follow. I took the opportunity to download it so that I might have a go... nothing like handmade eh?

Thank you so much and thank you for sharing your projects and taking the time out to write your tutorials... I am so enjoying the blogs that show us how to truly made handmade things, I discovered blogs such as yours after watching MyCraftChannel - and followed a couple of links and voila - it led me here (eventually - I've a lot of subscription posts to catch up on!).

Wishing you a Happy New Year and more creativity for 2012.

Paula, Derbyshire, England.


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