Thursday, December 15, 2011

how to {have a superhero party}

My son is turning 5! I am still not really sure how that is possible since I had him last week. Well, it feels like that anyway. But, I guess it's really been 5 years! I love this kid.

He wanted a superhero party for his birthday, so I set out to create one! Problem is, I am not very good at coming up with ideas. I am great at copying ideas, but not always creating them. Lucky for me, I have a new best friend. Her name is Pinterest. I get so many wonderful ideas on there! When I searched for superhero ideas, I came across a great link to One Charming Party. Have you heard of it? They sell amazing party plans and give you everything you need to make a successful party. It was exactly what I needed. Their superhero party plan is perfect!

Here is what I received in my inbox after buying the plan:
  • cool 3D invitations that you can read with or without 3D glasses
  • invitations, thank you cards and superhero certificates–print as many as you need
  • printable cake toppers to quickly transform your cake
  • a simple and yummy activity to keeps guests busy as you wait for everyone to arrive
  • a step-by-step tutorial for a comic book banner that will give your party some POW
  • easy instructions for making a super shirt your superhero will love (ages 1-6 and two generic graphics)
  • hero training with 6 activities to keep guest entertained for the whole party
  • super food labels that will encourage kids to eat healthier
  • our expert party tips to keep your party running smoothly
  • gorgeous photos to guide you through this party from start to finish
  • a resource guide to help you find all of the party supplies
  • 60+ pages in a downloadable pdf–sent instantly to your inbox
 It helped me so much! Look how adorable the invitations are. All I had to do was print them on cardstock. It saved me so much effort.

Instead of making a cake, I did cupcakes and I loved how they turned out! The "pow" was a printable from the superhero party plan and I just taped it to a lollipop stick in the cupcake.

Each child who attended the party got to go home with a superhero cape and mask along with their goodie bag.

We played some great games... Freeze dance and keep the balloon from touching the ground, anyone? My husband also came up with the brilliant idea of playing a superhero version of Duck, Duck Goose. We did Superman, Batman, Joker! The kids loved it!

And what would a superhero party be without some snacks to boost your superhero powers? I have never seen kids eat their fruits and veggies so quickly and quietly before! They really wanted some powers.

The party was such a success and my little guy definitely felt like a superhero! And I felt like supermom for throwing such a great party with such little stress! One Charming Party has so many other great themed parties. I think I will be selecting one for my other son's 8th birthday!

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2 Responses to “how to {have a superhero party}”

Megs said...

So fun to see pictures of the party. Blake loved it!! Pinterest the best invention ever :)

CharityMay said...

so awesome, my boys still talk about it. thanks friend!!

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