Thursday, December 8, 2011

foam christmas tree tutorial {paper covered}

My Christmas decor is coming along, which is good, because I need to start Christmas gifts now! I added a trio of foam cone Christmas trees to my Christmas subway art for my holiday table display. Here's how I made the first one, covered with paper punched circles, sequins, and straight pins! (And see the other tutorials here and here to complete the trio!)

Foam Cone Holiday Tree Tutorial - Paper Covered

*Various holiday patterned papers
*1.5" paper punch (or die cut)
*Foam cone (available in several sizes)
*Straight pins
*Loose sequins
*Candlestick holder
*Hot glue gun

1. Cut circles from various patterned papers. I needed about 65 1.5" circles to cover my medium-sized foam cone.

2. Starting at the bottom, pin circles around the edges with a sequin in the middle. Overlap slightly.

Slightly bend up the bottom of each circle.

3. Continue up the cone, overlapping each row over the row beneath it.


4. When you get to the top, use half circles to finish it off. Fold over any overlap over on top and pin down.

  5. Take another paper circle and center on top of cone. Fold edges down like a little bottle cap.

Pin around the edges with pins and sequins.

6. Remember these candlestick holders? I spray painted a couple white and apply hot glue around the rim. . .

. . .then glued one to the bottom of the cone.

7. For a topper, I made of a couple of these 3-D paper stars and glittered them up with red glitter. Subsequently, I was once again prohibited from using glitter in the house. But it was worth it. I also painted a toothpick red.

Then I glued the toothpick to the back side of one star, then glued the two stars together.

And stuck it in the top of the tree. Voila!

There are two more tree tutorials to check out--see the ribbon version here and the fabric version here. Better get to JoAnn with those 40% off coupons!

This post was sponsored by Richard Burbidge – expertly crafted stair parts.

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5 Responses to “foam christmas tree tutorial {paper covered}”

Jo said...

oh my gosh i love these trees! can't wait to try this - i even have a cone just waiting to be used!
Thanks for the inspiration,
Jo x

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your talents with us so we can copy them and seem talented ourselves. These trees are awesome. And the candlesticks sprayed white--genius!

KaPaworld said...

ouaou!!! it is the most beautiful little creation i have seen!!!!Thank you...

Terri said...

I love these trees, now I will have to decide which one I want to do, so cute! Thanks

All That Glitters said...

These are the cutest! I just found them on Pinterest and you have inspired me to make some cute little Christmas trees! Thanks!

xox Megan

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