Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas card display board {tutorial}

Without any of my Christmas stuff with me here in Iowa City, I had to find a new way to display all the cute Christmas cards we've been getting! Last year I made this easy Christmas card hanger that I shared on Make and Takes, but I thought I'd try something new this year. Especially because I had this cute frame from the thrift shop just hanging out in my craft closet, begging to be re-purposed.

Christmas Card Display Board Tutorial

*Large frame, glass removed
*Spray paint (if you are re-doing your frame--or leave it as is!)
*Sheet music pages, book pages, or patterned paper
*Paper glue or spray adhesive
*Either use the original cardboard in the back of the frame, or find a piece large enough to fit in your frame. You could also add a piece of cork board instead.
*Optional: berry wreath and ribbon

1. If your frame needs a little work, remove the glass and backing and spray paint. For a less-toxic option indoors during the winter, try Martha Stewart Crafts Spray Paint Kit and turn ordinary acrylic paint into spray paint! Distress with sandpaper if desired.

2. Cover the cardboard backing with paper using paper adhesive. I chose vintage sheet music.

3. Hang a berry wreath from the frame with a wide piece of ribbon. Replace the paper-covered cardboard in the back of the frame.

This makes a beautiful piece for a mantel, even without Christmas cards! You could even change the wreath and ribbon to something less-Christmasy and keep it up all year!
When you do start receiving cards, use a decorative pin to pin the cards to your cardboard. I had these leftover from a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if you can still find them, but they are from Making Memories. Even regular old pearl head sewing pins would be cute though!

Start pinning those cards for all to see! 

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3 Responses to “christmas card display board {tutorial}”

Karen said...

very pretty! I love the vintage sheet music! Great display.

505whimsygirl said...

Very nice. Even without cards, it's so nice looking with the music paper and the berry wreath.

Merry Christmas.

Renee! said...

Love this idea! Just pinned it onto Pinterest... with your link, of course!
Happy Holidays!

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