Wednesday, December 21, 2011

yarn wrapped holiday wreath {tutorial}

Baby #3 is coming this Saturday (whether he likes it or not!), so I've enlisted the help of my crafty friend Kalli to give you a few more fun holiday tutorials this week so I can get ready! Enjoy!

Hello!  I’m Kalli from Sister Secrets.  I’m so excited to share an easy last minute wreath with you here on Little Birdie Secrets.  Ever since Mandy got me “hooked” on Pinterst, I can’t stop pinning wreaths.  They are everywhere!  I’ve been dying to try a yarn wreath, but was always afraid they would take too long to wrap with all that gorgeous yarn.  After 2 ½  episodes of Modern Family, I’m happy to say, the wreath was wrapped and embellishing is easy!  Let me show you how easy.

Yarn Wrapped Wreath Tutorial

Supplies needed:
*Wreath Form (any size you like, mine was 9 inches)
*Worsted weight yarn
*Felt in assorted colors
*Hot glue gun
*Buttons, pearls, gems for flower centers
*Ribbon for hanging

Now, turn on that T.V., grab your wreath form and yarn, and start wrapping.  Try to go around the form uniformly, but don’t worry too much about it; the goal is to cover the form in yarn not letting any part of the form peek through—in the end, the yarn looks near perfect!  I did mine in about 3 layers using about half a skein of yarn.  Secure the ends of your yarn with a tiny bit of hot glue. 
Now embellish with felt flowers, ribbon and berry picks. I made my felt flowers in two sizes following this tutorial from My Heart Is Yours. You can get your free printable copy of my felt rosette pattern here! Add buttons to the center of your flowers, then add them to the wreath with a little hot glue.

Now hang with a ribbon and top with a bow.  Perfect way to get through all those TiVo’d shows, if I do say so myself!  
Happy Holiday Decorating!

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2 Responses to “yarn wrapped holiday wreath {tutorial}”

Debbie said...

ohh! Saturday! good luck!

Jennifer J said...

Why would you purposely choose Christmas Eve to have a baby? I'd rather hope the kid would wait 2 or 3 days. Are you afraid you will labor on Christmas, and not get good care? Are you not well? I know I am from another century, with 6 kids from 16 to 31, but mine all came when they decided, even the one that was a C-sec.
In any case, best of luck to you. I hope you have a happy, successful day on Saturday.

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