Monday, October 11, 2010

aladdin product review

Have you ever heard of Aladdin products? No, I am not talking about the movie, although this stuff is about as cool. With my son starting first grade this year, I knew I had to think of some great lunch options. My friend told me about a lunch bowl where you heat food in the microwave in the morning and it stays warm until lunch time. I ran out and got one right away!

I found this bowl at Target and told my son he had to tell me if his soup stayed warm until lunchtime. He came home and proudly told me it was indeed warm soup for lunch! I also love that it has a built in spoon. So perfect for school lunch and we use it all the time. My son thinks he is so cool when he brings it!

recently gave me two drink containers to try out. I was thrilled since I love the bowl so much.

The Fern Clutch Water Bottle on the left is fabulous to take on all my errands throughout the day as well as hiking. I love that it is leak-proof and also that it has a little ring so I can hang it on my finger while walking. I also love that it has a spout. I prefer to drink out of a spout than a wide mouth on a water bottle. I take this bottle everywhere and it stays really cold!

The mini lunch bottle is perfect for school lunch! One day we actually had a water bottle spill and get all over papers in the backpack. Not cool. This bottle will not do that. You can also use this for soup to sip if you wish because you can heat it now and eat it later just like the bowl. You could also use it for hot chocolate on the road, if your kids like that! The outside of the bottle stays cool so kids can hold it. I also love that it has a built in cup on the top if they want to pour soup into that part and eat it.

I really love Aladdin products. They are also really affordable which is a huge plus in my book. If you are looking for innovative products for school lunch or even just products to take on the go for hot or cold beverages or food, this is the stuff!!

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9 Responses to “aladdin product review”

Jen said...

Great idea. I'll have to get that for my 6 y.o. daughter she loves to bring Ramen noodles to school. Thanks for sharing

Linda said...

The little bowl looks to be the perfect item for school lunches. Now my grandson is in preschool I need to start looking at things like this.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Great review! I've always loved Aladdin products. Their quality is high.

Maestra Orquestra said...

Thanks for sharing. I will be running out to get a few of these!

Anonymous said...

My son will definitely love this. Thanks for introducing this to me.
organic tables

Rockstargirlz said...

I have the bowl at the top in pink.
My girls love it and the teachers are always asking where did you mom get the bowl?

-Sydney- said...

I have alladin wide mouth thermoses for my boys' lunches. They are stainless steel and I love them! I also use it to send cold things, like pasta salads.

I really like the bowl though. I'll have to find some of those.

Anonymous said...

Does the lid have a flip top spout for cold drinks?

Jessica said...

Daniel, the one on the left obviously does, but the one on the right does not. It is for hot drinks and has an open top that you can pour into the lid which doubles as a cup.

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