Friday, March 26, 2010

thai coconut soup

Our wonderful friend, Debbie recently shared a great recipe that her husband loves. Stacy made it last week and had some ingredients left over. Being the fab friend that she is, she gave them to me so I could make the soup for my family too! It was absolutely delicious and we will definitely be making it again. Enjoy!

Thai Coconut Soup

¼ cup cilantro (fresh)
olive oil
1 leek (bottom part)
galangal (cut 3-4 round slices)
lemon grass, cut in half
lemon leaves
1 Tbsp. fresh ginger

Put all the above mentioned ingredients in saucepan and brown over medium heat until it gets light brown.

Then Add:
Canned coconut milk (shake first) – 1 can of coconut milk + 1 can full of water.
2 Tbsp. fish sauce
½ lime (squeeze the juice)
Palm sugar (to taste)
Shitake mushrooms
Boil everything gently for another 5 minutes.
Remove inedible pieces of lemon grass and galangal.
Add seafood as desired (for example: cod, shrimp, and scallops.)
Sprinkle with red pepper to get a kick (Stacy and I used some red curry paste instead and it was great!)

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8 Responses to “thai coconut soup”

Unknown said...

I have never had anything like this! it looks amazing:)

Pink Princess said...

LOVE Thai food. My brother lives in Thailand (he has been there for more that 20 yrs all together) and I will visit him again in a little over 3 months time YAY. So will eat lot's of Thai food, yummmm

Ashley said...

omg... thank you for sharing this! On our anniversary last year my husband and I had a bowl of this soup and loved it SO much! I cannot wait to try it =)

Teeny said...

oh, I love thai coconut anything, and this looks awesome. I'm new to following your blog, and I am so happy I do!

Queen B. said...

totally fate that i read this tonight......
i finally found fresh LEMON GRASS today.....i've only been looking for 8 years..........

Anonymous said...

Look good I would try to cook tomorrow, may you interest in Thai food here is my blog about Healthy Thai Food recipes. would like to share too ;-)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and was so excited to see the coconut soup recipe! we are hugeeeeee thai soup lovers and have always wanted to make this at home! thanks for sharing!!

Amie said...

My husband and I LOVE Thai food! He is a master at making Thai curry. I would love to try this but I couldn't find galangal or lemon grass at my local grocery store. Any ideas where I can get it?

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