Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rock art necklace party

I love summer crafting with my kids. I love that my kids actually want to craft with me. Here they are with a few friends, making rock art necklaces. We've made these a couple of times this summer because they're just so darn fun!

First, pick a small rock that's not too heavy to wear around your neck (we like going on a rock hunt/nature walk to find them). Next, get out the acrylic craft paints and brushes and release your inner artist! This seriously kept them busy for more than an hour (they also painted pet rocks). Then glue a jewelry bail to the back. The hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry! I usually make the kids wait 24 hours for the E6000 to dry so they don't fall off. Finally, string them on a piece of jute or ribbon and you have a super cool, eco friendly piece of jewelry (my son is wearing his below).

I love how different they all turn out. If you're looking for the jewelry bails, this is the Etsy seller I recommend. They're the best price and they're really nice.

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4 Responses to “rock art necklace party”

Little Monarch said...

that is so cool to see your kids crafting along with you.

Becky R said...

my boys hate crafting with me, so I invitte their friends and cousins over to do stuff and then they join in.
cool necklaces.

oneordinaryday said...

Does the glue really hold this together? I'd be worried the rock would fall off.

New Baby Gifts said...

We love doing this but my son hasn't got the patience to wait for the glue to dry. So we stick them all in a plaster of paris cast and keep them as a keepsake.

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