Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sweet ornament or bedroom decor

Here is a quick ornament for your Christmas tree, or a little plaque that you can hang in your child's room.

Easy Canvas Ornament Tutorial

Small artist's canvas--ours was 4"x4"
Scrapbooking embellishments-we used Making Memories Glitter Bling frames
Hot glue or silver thumbtack
Coordinating ribbon
Modge Podge or glue

1. Paint your canvas a coordinating color
2. Trim your photo so it will fit in the sticker frame. Next either Modge Podge it or glue it to the canvas.
3. Add the glitter frame and any other embellishments
4. Hot glue or thumbtack the ribbon in place and tie a bow so you can hang it.

This would be a sweet tree ornament, or a cute accessory for a little girls' room!

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7 Responses to “sweet ornament or bedroom decor”

Rebecka said...

We made some ornaments very similar to these at our family party after Thanksgiving dinner. They were even simple enough for the little kids to make. They put their names and the date on the back so they have a great little keepsake for years to come. said...

hi, i love the little ornamet to hang on the tree. i just wanted to share the one that i made. i'm also using them as gift tags. you can find it on my blog at

Unknown said...

Fabulous! So cute.

bed frame said...

This is nice! My kids will enjoy dong this! I am planning to make some and put some old pictures in it and hang them in our Christmas tree. We have this family reunion come Christmas and they will probably like it.

Lizzie said...

What a great idea. I had posted about some handmade ornaments several days ago. I love learning about new ones. Perfect gifts as well. :)

eyeglasses said...

We made something similar for my stepdad with a picture of the dog (it's the only grandkid he's getting from us for a while).

Great idea for an ornament or even a door hanger!

Jenn Spencer said...

Love the scrapbooking embellishments you used for this! How creative and what a great idea. I appreciate that you shared this!! Thanks! :) Jenn

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