Tuesday, December 8, 2009

stockings with style

We enjoy making stockings. They are really easier to make than you think. This year we were inspired by Sew Cute Shop's Mary Jane stocking so we whipped our own. We just took an existing stocking pattern and sketched in a Mary Jane applique. Very feminine! If you like this look, head over to Sew Cute Shop and order one for your fireplace.

After making our girlie stocking we thought we needed to even it out with a more masculine stocking. You know, a "His and Hers" type of thing. Well, this is what we came up with--
The Cowboy Boot Stocking.

Here are some tips to help you if you decide to make your own cowboy book stocking.

We used freezer paper to sketch out the boot. You can tell here because you can see all the lines. We kept "trying" until we found a look we liked. You can use an existing pattern to help you with size. Just modify it for the boxy toe and the short boot heel in the back. We also curved the top of our stocking.

You will want to fold your fabric either right side together or wrong side together--it doesn't matter as long as you have two opposite pieces for the stocking. You will then want to cut two pieces for the lining and two pieces of batting. Now you should have a total of 6 pieces for your stocking--not including all the applique pieces.

Next, we used fusible webbing to make the applique pieces. These are the details you can see in green and the brown stars.

Following the directions of the fusible webbing, we ironed on the boot details. Then we zig-zag stitched the applique pieces down. You can also do an applique stitch. Whatever suits your fancy.

Once all our applique pieces are on, quilt the stocking piece to the batting. You can get creative here and quilt as much or as little as you want. You just want to make sure your batting is set in place and will not move around much at all.

Once you are done with the quilting take one piece of the stocking (outside piece) and one piece of the lining. Make sure the toes point the same direction. Place them right sides together and sew the top side only. This is the curved part of our stocking.

Snip it so it is easy to turn later on. Repeat this step with the other piece of lining and outside stocking piece.

Now open them up. Pin these really long two pieces together. The lining should be pinned right sides together and the stocking part should be pinned right sides together. Sew all around the stocking and liners. When the pieces are sewn together, snip any curves and trim any corners so the stocking is easy to turn right side out.

Be sure to leave yourself an opening. You will turn this inside out and will need an opening big enough to get the stocking through.

Pull your stocking right side out through your opening. Then sew the opening shut. Now, you can push the lining down into your stocking. Attach a ribbon so you can hang it in front of your fireplace.

YEE-HAW! You are done. They are now ready to be filled with holiday goodies and treats.

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7 Responses to “stockings with style”

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

Hissyfits & Halos said...

*Gasp* I LOVE the Mary Jane stocking! I was just telling hubby that we needed new ones. I think I might try this. Perfect for a house with all girls. Thanks!

steffany said...

I love these.

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

Those bring back memories of stockings my grandmother had!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Very cute! I'm showing these off at somed]aycrafts.blogspot.com

Timswoman said...

It would have been nice to have a Pre Drawn pattern that people who can NOT draw could download and print. I can NOT draw so I will NOT be making this item. :(

Jayme said...

The cowboy boot! LOVE it!

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