Tuesday, December 9, 2008

seasonal word blocks

Do you have Ben Franklin crafts where you live? I believe they're independently operated, so one could be totally different from the next, but we love the one near us in Monroe, WA. Great selection and great project ideas. We picked up a flyer for these seasonal word blocks and put them together, just in time for "winter." The best part? You get sixteen different decor options out of one project! Sixteen! That's out-of-control cool.

We started with seven pre-cut blocks from Ben Franklin (you can probably find these at most craft/hobby stores, or cut your own). We sanded and painted them, then cut vinyl letters to place on each side of each block. If you don't have access to a vinyl cutter, you could stencil them on with paint or use chipboard letters. You could also try decoupaging (Mod Podge) patterned paper onto the blocks instead of painting them. Get creative!

Are you curious to know which sixteen seasonal words some genius came up with using these seven blocks? Check this out:


Are you convinced you have to make these? Good. These are the letters you'll need to place on each block:

Block One: H Y E D
Block Two: A C R S
Block Three: R P E T
Block Four: V N L O
Block Five: E O M D
Block Six: S M K I
Block Seven: T F B W

Not enough room in your life (or living room) for 16 seasonal decor options? These would make a great gift!

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35 Responses to “seasonal word blocks”

Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

Ooooh! I LOVE this! So easy, yet so many possibilities for creativity! I think I know the perfect person to make it as a gift for, until I find room in my own house to make some for me too!

Thanks bunches and bunches for all your fabulous ideas!!! :o)

Junk Mammas said...

We had a Benfranklin Crafts in our town, which I loved. They always had cute and different things. And it was about a mile from my house. Sadly it closed about 2 years ago. I miss it so!

Orchardviewcottage said...

Love the word blocks.. I made a set YEARS ago and don't know what happened to them,so you have inspired me to make more!! Thanks!

Wendy said...

What a super cute idea! I'm keeping this one in my files!!!!

Melissa said...

i've never heard of "ben franklin crafts" but it looks like i'd like it.
love these blocks...definately have someone in mind I can make these for ....yay for handmade christmas gifts.

Jen said...

I'm loving this idea. Looking at the letters on the blocks, there are even more words you could make ... wonder, smile, heart ... I'm sure there's more, too. This is a great gift idea. Thanks!

Dawn said...

These are fantastic. There is a Benfranklins not too far...I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love these! Great gift idea!

Mary Poppins said...

Brilliant, and well done they look great


AndreaLeigh said...

Wow, i think I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Aww, I love this! Thanks tons for sharing this. I'll be linking.

nancie said...

Love this idea! I'm headed to the craft store as soon as I post this. thanks!

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

I LOVE these! Thanks for the idea!

Rhoda said...

LOVE this! I shared it on my blog, just so you know! :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

kristal said...

totally on my to do list!

courtneyb said...

great idea! thanks.

berrypatch said...

Oh.my.gosh! I was planning to make these for my sister & another friend for Christmas with just plain "Friends" on it - that's it. NOW I have more options! THANK you for doing this!!!! Now I've got to make sure I have enough letters. LOL

Jenna said...

those are perfect. i was just telling my husband we need some word blocks up on our mantle for the seasons. and you already did all the hard work for us! one more thing to add to my to do list!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where you can buy plain wooden blocks. I looked at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and couldn't find them. Thanks!

Annette said...

Thanks for the great idea!! I finished mine this afternoon and posted them on my blog with a link to your very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I got something similar when Nate was born. I LOVE them and proudly display them on his shelf. Now that he knows how to spell his name, it is even more fun!

Jenny said...

How big are the blocks that you used? I would like to try these for gifts! Thanks

Little Birdie Secrets said...

These blocks are smaller about 2 inches. I also have some 4 inch blocks. You can really do any size you want. If you can't find blocks, try the hardware store. Just buy a long fence post type of wood and have them cut them for you into square blocks. That's what I did with my bigger blocks. You have to put more effort into it with the sanding and all, but it is way cheaper and you can get the size you want.

Anonymous said...

so do you do the windmill lettering website too? They have alot of the same projects as you do, and are from washington area. . . just curious?

Mandy said...

you know, since some of the blocks only have 4 sides used with the letters listed, you can create more words easily & put letters on the spare sides too. Why waste the spaces! lol

Mandy said...

Ok, I have some more words to add.

If you include on each of these blocks these letters since these only have 4 sides used, there is room for 2 more letters on each block.
Block 1 - G U
block 2 - P
block 3 - A L
block 4 - S
block 5 - I
block 6 - F P
block 7 - U C

If you include these letters on your blocks you can make these additional words...
Aussie (Ok, I'm an Aussie & need to have Australia Day in there!)

You would think I have something better to do at 7.30am but hey, puzzles like this are fun! I can't waste 2 sides!!! & now I really can't think of any more seasonal words! But I bet when I press publish post I will think of something else.

Mandy said...

add another
block 5 - H along with the I
& you will get

& Merry is in there too.

Had enough yet?

Mandy said...

okay a couple more for you & I think I am done!
block 2 - J

You should now get these words with your blocks too... Little girls will like these...


block 4 still only has 5 letters on it... hmmm... but I can't come up with anymore words!

Tiff Keetch said...

If you add "A" to block 4 you can spell America :)

Tiff Keetch said...

Oh yeah, and if you live in Utah, there is a "Wood Connection" store which sounds similar to Ben Franklin Crafts. It's located in Murray - about 6480 S. on 300 W.

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

I wish I'd checked out all these comments before I made my set! I blogged about it here (http://whimsikel.blogspot.com/2010/02/seasonal-decor-blocks.html). But now I might need to go home and make a few more blocks to include the great ideas Mandy and Tiff shared! Thanks for this post!

Kalynne said...

we found more words too! If you use the extra letter suggestions you can also spell: Flake, Hearts, Christ, Jesus, Bloom, Irish, Sun, Swim, Pool, Ghost(s), Witch(es), Vampire (using the W as an M), Fright, Thanks, Leaf, Treats, Turkey, Jewels, Cuddle, Pillow, Party. :)

Mel said...

I have admired these blocks for a long time, and finally got around to making some. Thanks so much for posting the instructions.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the awesome idea!! I am totally doing these for a craft night for my ward!!


Lynn said...

I really love this idea! I have some blocks that already say welcome, might see if I can use them for this:@)

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