Saturday, December 13, 2008

stockings to hang by the chimney with care

For those of you who are major procrastinators like me, this post is for you. I really need new stockings. I made mine about 9 years ago, before I had kids, and they are just not kid stockings! I've been so inspired by the felt stockings I've seen in the Crate & Barrel and Company Store catalogs (see above!). They really would not be hard to make, especially if you're using felt. That means no lining required! Plus you can hand stitch whatever you like on them.

I may still be looking for time to make new stockings for my kids, but Stacy found it. Check out these darling stockings--such cute, fresh fabric! They're all lined with soft flannel, too. She found the pattern in this cute book, New Noel by Linda Lum DeBono. Don't you love all the applique and ruffles? She did it on her machine, so it really wasn't that time consuming, but it adds a lot.

Okay I lied. I did find time to make one stocking. This mini felt stocking is from a pattern in my imagination (really, it's not hard to draw a stocking--you can do it!). I cut two pieces from red felt for the sock, two pieces from white felt for the top, then a toe and heel from the white. I traced a few circles of paper I punched with my circle punch on green felt, then stitched them all on with embroidery floss before sewing the two sock pieces right sides together. This is the perfect size to stuff with a small present or gift card!

Or, make a few and use them as silverware holders!

Santa won't be here for another 12 days, so you really do have time to make new stockings! And if you do it, will you make a few for me, too?

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5 Responses to “stockings to hang by the chimney with care”

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Those are so cute!

LiEr said...

Your stocking is darling! I want new stockings. But I must try and be content that I have any stockings at all. Next year, a stocking garland and stocking advent calendar - the works! But this year, alas, I must continue to procrastinate (isn't that just doubly awful?). Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and beautiful projects. I so enjoy your blog and I wish I could comment more - always seem to be feeding the baby when am on the computer nowadays. Have a great Christmas!

Kameron said...

I have wanted to make stockings for a while but, with all of the other fabulous projects y'all have got me working on, this might just have to wait until next year!

Unknown said...

omgosh that stocking is too cute!! I LOVE the idea of using it for a silverware holder and must do this, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

linda lum debono said...

I love your stockings!

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