Monday, December 15, 2008

cuff link contest winners!

Wow, what creative people you are out there in blogger land! We loved all the ideas you suggested for our first contest. Here are our top three choices for cool cuff links, and each one is getting a pair to make their idea into a great gift. You'll all have to send us pictures to post for our readers when they're done!

Emily said she's like to use her grandfather's commemorative pins from his time in the railroad union to adorn her cuff links. What a special gift this would make to one of his posterity! You're getting a pair of cuff links, Emily!

Southern Gal
had a similar idea, using her husband's engineer pins from the National Guard. We bet that would mean a lot to him. You're getting a pair, too!

Melissa would love to capture her husband's catch phrase in a pair of cuff links. "If I only had a nickel. . ." he likes to say. She'd attach nickels from significant years, like the year they were married. So sweet! A pair of cuff links are on their way to you!

Ladies, please contact us at with your name and address so we can send you your cuff links!

We loved all the ideas you shared, and especially those that held some sentimental meaning. Check out our comments section on the original post for more great ideas! And thanks to DeeDee for sharing pics of cuff links she's made in the past. So creative!

If you want to purchase your own cuff links, we found ours on eBay.

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2 Responses to “cuff link contest winners!”

Southern Gal said...

How exciting to win!! Emily's idea would work for my father also. He is a third generation railroad man and probably has some of those same pins from his father and grandfather. Lots of good ideas. Can't wait to surprise my husband!

emerzim said...

I agree, Southern Gal, winning IS exciting! Thank you!

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