Monday, June 14, 2010

scrappy clutch

Have you seen this fabulous tutorial for a scrappy clutch over at From An Igloo? My friend Megan spotted it and suggested we try to make one. Of course I was game! There are so many times when I just need a little clutch to go out with friends instead of dragging my monstrous mom purse loaded with diapers, wipes and smashed fishy crackers. This is the perfect little clutch to fit a few must-have items. The best part is the chance to use up some scraps of fabric you have lying around!

It was a fun project to do with a friend; it's always fun to chat while you work! Head on over to From An Igloo and follow the tutorial. You will be so happy with this little clutch. I use mine all the time!

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7 Responses to “scrappy clutch”

MJ said...

I love this clutch bag! I made one for my sewing stuff last month to carry it to work ( and am currently making one for my mother for her birthday as well. Yours look lovely by the way, I love all the different fabrics :)

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

I purchased the same fabric from JoAnn's and used it for a nursing cover. Cute fabric.

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

OMG it's Megan! She and I are friends from Austin! I can't believe you know her and are friends. How crazy is that?!?!

Love the clutch. Tell Megan I said Hello!!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So cute! I love the idea and totally second the thought of needing a bag without smooshed food in it. Mine is currently filled with Kix and a 2 play cell phones.

Christine said...

Yay! How cool to see this on your blog! :) Both of your clutches look terrific! I wish I had the one I made but it was stolen by my 6yr old. I actually had to ask her if I could borrow it the other day. :)

Amy-My hand in God's Hand said...

I was so inspired, I made me own. Check it out here:

Gabriela Abril said...

I like very much the fabrics you've used, are so wonderful!!
In Spain I can´t find fabrics like this easily.

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