Saturday, November 8, 2008

you like us, you really like us!

Sweet Mady's Paper gave us a sweet treat--the Kreativ Blogger Award! Aww, shucks. We love it! Thank you!

This award stipulates that we give you six pieces of information about ourselves, and six blogs that we love to visit. Since there are three of us, we each got to give you two bits of info. Here goes!

*I am a descendent of the great Man Tin Cheung. Yeah for family history!

*During one of my trips to Italy I visited the Vatican where I was able to see and hear Pope John Paul II speak--in 13 different languages no less!

*When I was a baby, my parents were on an airplane with baseball player Pete Rose, and he asked to hold me. So I was held by the famous Pete Rose!

*I was born with 3 knots in my umbilical cord.

*I've known my husband since we were 10, and we had tons of adventures together before we actually fell in love. Like being stranded on Utah's Lone Peak when we were 15 and being Life-Flighted off the mountain. Good times.

*I am obsessed with candy. Especially chocolate with nuts, but also fruity stuff. This obsession is the probably the sole reason I also run marathons.

Here are our blog picks. Thanks for all the inspiration!

One Pretty Thing
i heart cuppycakes
Don't Look Now
An Altered State of Mind
Homemade By Jill
Sweet Tidings

In other good news, did you know that getting to our blog just got easier? You can now just type when visiting our site. That's right--no more typing "blogspot" in the middle (unless you want to, of course--that works, too). We're still on Blogger, but we've made it easier for you to pass our blog on to your friends (so they don't forget our ridiculously long name before they even get to their computer). Thanks for all the support--we love our readers!

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5 Responses to “you like us, you really like us!”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me more sites to add to my RSS feed!

FYI - The i heart cuppycakes link is directed to the wrong blog.

Sambo said...

I just found your blog and i must say that i am in love! :) I am a crafty mom as well and am always up for some new fun ideas that also look great, so thank you! I am looking forward to more :) said...

Aww, thanks so much for mentioning me in such crafty company-you made my day!

I always love reading these random facts about people. They're so interesting!

Vivian said...

that's so awesome! congrats! (redie)

CB said...

Oh wow. I just saw this in my stat links. I am really flattered. Thanks for the bloggy :)
Clara @ iheartcuppycakes!

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