Tuesday, September 30, 2008

personalized bibs

Photos copyright Holly Keller
We loved these adorable bibs with stamped sayings made by Holly Keller of Chez Beeper Bebe. We found them on her Flickr with her own explanation of their cuteness:

"Made these in an evening for a friend's baby shower. The front is made with Robert Kaufman Kitchen Kitsch line of fabrics and the back is made from reclaimed bath towels. The words were a last-minute thought, stamped on muslin with permanent fabric ink. I made these using a pattern from Amy Karol's delightful book, Bend the Rules Sewing."

Photos copyright Holly Keller

Photos copyright Holly Keller

Photos copyright Holly Keller

Permanent fabric ink can be stamped with any stamp image and then washed. A great choice is VersaCraft brand pads (formerly Fabrico) by Tsukineko, a very respectable stamping ink company.

Photos copyright Holly Keller

Photos copyright Holly Keller

I am dying over all her fabric choices! This woman is one of those gifted people who can create things straight out of her imagination. Besides making bibs for her friends in her spare time, she sells the most adorable plushies made completely from reclaimed materials. They each have their own little personalities. Check them out in her Beeper Bebe Etsy store!

Thanks for sharing with us, Holly!

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9 Responses to “personalized bibs”

Amy said...

loooove this! What a cute idea! I did not even know they made permanent washable ink for fabric. Thanks for this post!

Erin said...

Oh these are stinking adorable! :)

Extraordinary Housewife said...

Honestly, I can't get enough of your blog. Your ideas are fantastic and easy for me to follow and do. This is saying a lot since I am not very proficient in doing fun, very cool things like this. Thanks so much and keep it comin'

Unknown said...

What a fun blog you have! I'll be reading!

Lindsey said...

do you guys have a 125x125 blog button for people to place on their sidebar! I really think you should have one... your tutorials and posts are just inspiring and I want to be able to share that on my blog!!! Lindsey, Mommy Chronicles

Hi, my name is Kristal said...

I love this Blog! These bibs are Uber cute:)

Celia said...

Oh, wowwww, all the "towel fabric" colors you've found! I love them all! I want to make some gifts for my friend's newborn boy and I think the personalized tag is nice!

Lindsay said...

These are just adorable!!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea.

Holly said...

Thanks for the post. DId not even realize you did this until just now--very kind of you.

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