Saturday, September 20, 2008

Girls--They Wanna Have Fun

Last week, the three Little Birdies had a fun night out. Photographer Erik Christensen needed models for his Seattle Photography Associates photo shoot, so after much arm twisting (ha) we volunteered. We thought it would be fun to be in on the creative aspect of photography. Photography is a fun hobby that requires quite the creative eye, so it counts as being somewhat crafty, right?

The other models were quite intimidated by our fabulous good looks! Thanks to When for opening up her great studio. It was fun playing with the wind machine, bubble machine and lights. Wow, did we feel like rock stars.

If any local photographers need a photo shoot studio or a fashion photographer please contact When. Click here for more info:

This link also includes a link to the model section of the group, so if you are not interested in photography, but want to model, you can check it out.

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3 Responses to “Girls--They Wanna Have Fun”

Arlene said...

Photography definitely counts as "crafty." Wish I had a better camera - I'd probably have a better blog :)

YourEveryColorPhotography said...

I'll certainly have to check this place out! Thanks for the tip ladies! BTW cute pics

Unknown said...

Love this blog. Of course you already know that. Everyone is visiting from my blog, and telling me that they love you to. Photography better be crafty, I am starting classes this week!!!

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