Friday, September 12, 2008

getting crafty for football season - whistle lanyard

You know, if my husband hadn't made it a priority to get things done early so he could watch the Huskies game on Saturday, I probably wouldn't have even realized the college football season had begun. I mean I like football, but I'm kind of clueless when it comes to the sport. I do, however, love the food that goes along with it. Tailgate party food, stadium snacks, Superbowl spreads. . . To get a little more into the spirit of it, we decided to turn football season into a crafting and cooking opportunity. Our next few posts will feature football inspired crafts, recipes, and activities for all you football fans out there to usher in the new season.

Our first idea is this darling lanyard for a coach's whistle! We were inspired by these cute key fobs featured on JCaroline's blog. Almost all of the accessories you need for this project can be found on their site. This project is great for any involved parent who coaches a sport, or for an over-zealous football fan who likes to play ref (although this example is a little girlie--feel free to use something more manly for the guys!). It would also make a perfect personalized lanyard for an employee badge. And it's totally easy!

Coach's Whistle Employee Badge Lanyard

What you'll need:

*Ribbon (as long as you want your lanyard to be--about a yard)
*Coordinating webbing that is a little wider than your ribbon--about a yard
*Key Fob Tip in same size as webbing
*Heat and Bond strip the same size as your ribbon
*Key ring
*Whistle (we found this one at the dollar store!)

1. First, cut ribbon and webbing to your desired size.

2. Apply Heat and Bond to the ribbon according to package directions.

3. Remove Heat and Bond paper from back of ribbon and follow directions to adhere the ribbon to the webbing. Stacy also stitched the ribbon on just to be sure.

4. Attach key fob to webbing by inserting both ends of the webbing into the tip and clamping down with a pair of pliers. Attach key ring and whistle.

5. Play ball!

This is some cute ribbon from JCaroline that would be perfect for a lanyard. And it was designed by Jessica of our favorite How About Orange!

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2 Responses to “getting crafty for football season - whistle lanyard” said...

CUTE! Those would make great thank-you gifts for teachers and coaches too. I'll be linking to this project.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. My dad is a soccer coach. Might need to whip up one of these for him for Christmas...thanks for sharing!

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