Monday, September 15, 2008

cool opportunities for moms

Just a quick post to tell you about a couple of opportunities we're excited about!

Have you heard about this new Barter Boutique? Basically, mompreneurs can swap their items with other mompreneurs, dollar for dollar. For example, let's say I sell handmade jewelry, and I want to buy handmade burp cloths for a friend's shower. I can go to Barter Boutique and look for other members who sell burp cloths. If they're interested in a trade, I could trade a $21 bracelet for three $7 burpcloths. How cool is that? Members sign up and pay a $10 listing fee, and then list their Etsy site, Web site, or blog with their product information. So even if you don't do a lot of trades, your products are being advertised for sale as well. We love it. If only we had stuff in our Etsy stores to trade. . . Yeah, I gotta get sewing. Anyway, check it out!

This one was right up our ally after our monster drawings brought to life post. Look at this cool opportunity to have your children's discarded drawings published! We have a stack of such drawings on the desk in the office that I just can't bear to throw away.

Seeking Children's Drawings for Publication
I am a graphic designer (and a mama), preparing a collection of childrens rejected drawings to be published in book format. The drawings I am seeking are the ones that 'didn't make it'. The drawings that were abandoned, scribbled or scratched over, torn and/or crumpled with frustration. Please contact me at if you are interested, and I will provide you with additional information about myself, this project, and how your child's drawings may be included.

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3 Responses to “cool opportunities for moms”

Sugar Bear said...

That barter site sounds pretty cool! I'm going to check it out. I read about someone who bartered for a house and got one!

Unknown said...

very cool bartering site! thanks for the info. I'm a proud Momma of a 9 mo. old bebe.

barterboutique said...

Thanks for posting about us!! Hope to have you trading with us whenever you decide to sell your stuff!

-The BB girls

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