Tuesday, January 24, 2012

valentine subway art {and a frugal candy bowl tip}

I'm just in love with my little family, which makes this an extra sweet time of year! I want to have reminders all over my house so my boys know how much they are loved, and Valentine's decorations do just that. Especially when they're in candy form. ;) And today's money-saving candy bowl tutorial has a bonus--free Valentine subway art!

First, a little money-saving tip when using candy in a table display. I wanted to fill this simple vase with Valentine M&Ms, but at $3.50 a bag, I didn't want to buy more than 2. So I used this little trick to "fill" my vase on a budget.
*Glass vase, bowl, or apothecary jar
*Favorite holiday candy
*Glass cup that will fit inside your glass container with room on all sides
*Optional: ribbons and trinket to dress up your jar

1. Before filling your glass container, place your cup upside down in the center. 

 2. Pour your candy in to fill in the space around and on top of the cup.

3. To dress it up, add decorative ribbon, ric rac, baker's twine, etc. around the center of the container. I also tied on a little mercury glass heart ornament from my Christmas decorations.When it gets closer to Valentine's, I'll remove the cup and let my kids eat the candy. But for a few weeks they know it is strictly decorative (my husband is the only one who doesn't seem to follow that rule--grrr!). 

Now for the free Valentine's subway art! This free (for a limited time) Valentines Day subway art comes again from our friend Lori of SisterSecrets. You may remember the Christmas subway art she offered to our readers last month--isn't she sweet? It's now in her Etsy shop. You can get the Valentine's subway art printable here while it's free! And for more fun stuff (like her Abundant Life printable subway art), check out the Sister Secrets Etsy shop!
You may notice I kept my Christmas table runner out (doilies are totally Valentines, right?) and even reused the frame from the Christmas subway art. I'm all about making it easy! But I did make a new paper pennant bunting to hang across the front that matches the colors in the printable. Love it! Thanks, Lori!

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13 Responses to “valentine subway art {and a frugal candy bowl tip}”

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

This is the cutest lil table! And I love your little trick with the candy! Thanks so much for sharing!

Karen said...

Love the candy dish idea! The subway art is so dang cute:) The little bunting is adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

Bethany @happyhomemakerme said...

How clever!

That's a very sweet treat :)

(and my husband would do the same!)

♥ Bethany


505whimsygirl said...

Love this post - and I'm not one for Valentine's Day. I like how you "filled" your bowl with m&ms. Those colors are yummy! No pun intended..... haaa


Unknown said...

lovely little frame... as always! You are the very first blog I ever discovered!! after all these years you still inspire me!

Colleen said...

Your framed artwork is adorable.
I have done something similar to a candy bowl as well only I had my inside glass turned upright and used as flower vase and filled candy around the 'vase'. Makes for lovely sweet arrangement for any time of the year.

Cris said...

OMG... I had one of those dummy/why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments. A glass inside the container to "fill" it out. Glad I saw this tip!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Love the subway art, and the bunting is a cute touch! I'm featuring you this week in a Valentine's printable post that I'm doing. Come by on Wednesday to check it out, and grab my featured button if you'd like one.

savvychic said...

Thank you for sharing the Valentine's subway art and your tip for a frugal candy bowl. Love your display. BTW, my hubby would eat them too (in fact I'd be tempted myself especially if I was up late sewing!)
♥ Happy Valentines Day
Kym xoxo

Christy said...

Any chance you will be offering this fabulous Valentine's subway art again this year? I found it on Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE it!

Mel said...

I would also be thrilled to see this offered again this year :)

Danielle said...

Desperately looking to get your adorable Valentine printable from a few years ago. Please help!

JamiefromKS said...



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