Tuesday, January 3, 2012

star wars snowflakes {DIY}

Ok, I know by now I sound like a broken record, but holy cow I love Pinterest. Probably too much. I came across these DIY Star Wars Snowflakes the other day and knew it would be perfect for my boys! They are obsessed with anything Star Wars, and since it was Christmas vacation we were looking for some fun activities. It did get tricky at some points since the designs are so intricate, but my husband did those little cuts with an exacto knife and it all worked out great.

The great thing is that you can just download the PDF for whichever character you want so it is all ready to go for you! Once it is printed you cut the circle out.

 After you have your circle cut out, you will need to fold on the lines in order to get it lined up for cutting through all the layers. For a detailed diagram on how to fold it, see HERE.

Then you start cutting the gray areas of the pattern out. Like I said, you might need an adult to do the exacto knife on the intricate parts.

 When finished, carefully unfold the paper and...hello, storm trooper!
 Or Darth Vader
 Or Boba Fett

There are plenty of others you can download too! Pretty cool! My boys were in awe each time a snowflake was unfolded to reveal a character. I think it would be so neat to string a bunch of these together for a star wars snowflake garland! What a great party decoration!

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11 Responses to “star wars snowflakes {DIY}”

Unknown said...

These are awesome! I have two grown sons, 27 and 31 and they still love Star Wars! Once bitten nevr cured......thansk for this...I will have to check it out. And Pinterest is like going to a world where everything is just how you love it! Time goes way too fast when youa re looking, doesn't it???? Sandy

tinajo said...

Oh my, my boys would love this - how creative! :-)

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

OMG! My son wold love this! Heun is having a Lego Star Wars party this weekend.

Alyssa said...

Holy cow! My son is a HUGE SW fan! He will absolutely LOVE these! Thanks!

Ange said...

This is great! Going to check this out for sure!

Anonymous said...

Him Indoors is going to be sooo mad that I didn't see these BEFORE christmas. Totally a project for 2012 Christmas! :D

Whim-Z B said...

WOW! These ROCK! Can't wait to show them to my 2 Star Wars fans!

Joe said...

Thanks for posting this...great stuff!

Cindy said...

Thanks so much, got these printed to send to our grandson. He'll love them!

Gabrielle said...

These are absolutely going on my list for next year. They are perfect decorations for my boys' bedroom.

Hope said...

I seriously just gasped out loud! I have 4 SW nuts in my home and these will be a super rainy day project! Love!

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