Tuesday, January 31, 2012

valentine bubbles labels {free printable}

I saw these cute Valentine bubbles in tubes with little heart bubble wands at Walmart and thought they'd made a perfect "sugarless" Valentine for my boys' classes! If you can't find them with the Valentine's stuff, I've seen them in white in the wedding aisle at Walmart, Michael's, etc., and at OrientalTrading.com. I made up some quick (and free) printable labels so you can print a Valentine's message on address labels and stick them on the bubble tubes in half a jiff! The labels read, "Don't 'burst' my bubble, Valentine. Be Mine!" Here's one of my little Valentines enjoying his bubbles. . .

Kids Bubbles Valentine Idea

*Heart wand bubble tubes
*Avery address labels in size 5162 (size is 1 1/3" x 4" and there are 14 per sheet)

Download and print the label file on 1 1/3" x 4" self-adhesive address labels (I used Avery 5162 labels, product #48862 or 48462). Note: These are a little larger than standard address labels you might have on hand. If you use the right size, these will print perfectly in the center of your labels!

These were a little long for my bubble tubes, so I cut about a quarter inch off each short end before peeling them off the label sheet. Click here or on the image to go to our free printable download site. I included pink and blue writing in case your child has a preference.

Center the label on the tube and press on. That's it! You could tie a little "from ____" tag on it, or have your child write it on the labels before peeling them off if you wanted. Or even stick them to a card stock heart with a note. Either way, it's a quick and inexpensive "treat" that won't rot your kids' teeth this Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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5 Responses to “valentine bubbles labels {free printable}”

Nichole said...

What a cute idea! Way to go mommy! :o)

sewVery said...

That is an awesome idea. I'm definitely bookmarking this one to do for my son's class. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Thanks! This is really cute. Both boys and girls will love these.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much! We are totally going to use these!

Mommy of 5 said...

We needed valentines for a candy free exchange. I gathered the top 15 great ideas and featured yours http://www.thebestkidscrafts.com/valentine-craft-ideas-candy-free.html THANK YOU for making it so easy! I look forward to more great ideas and free printables!

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