Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer crafts for kids

School is officially out for us today, and unfortunately the weather forecast for the rest of the week is not stellar. That means kids inside all day which equals boredom! My kids are pretty creative and can keep themselves busy for a few hours at a time, but inevitably I will hear "I'm bored!" at least once a day. Besides Skip To My Lou's Craft Camp, my secret weapon this summer is Family Fun's Easy Crafts for Kids special issue. We received copies from Family Fun and have already had a ton of fun putting it to use!
No, this kid will not just pose normally for a photo.
One of my favorite things about it is that it gives kids great ideas and all the supplies needed, but then they can make the project what they want. There are also equal boy/girl/neutral projects, so there's something for every kid.

I let my boys go through the magazine and mark the projects they thought would be fun to do. Then I let them know which ones we had supplies on hand for and they went to town!

First they did the Art-Rageous Cars. They selected a Hot Wheels car from their collection and a small plastic toy, and I provided the super glue and glitter glue. I love their creations!

Next they made the Marble Run. With a few toilet paper tubes, duct tape, and marbles, they had their own marble race track! Hours of fun!

I also loved the Tissue Paper Blossoms in the book, and I was happy to see how easy they were when Heidi from Sew Craft Create made them. Aren't they gorgeous? Check out Sew Craft Create for the tutorial! Or get your own copy of Family Fun's Easy Crafts for Kids!

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3 Responses to “summer crafts for kids”

Becky R said...

Hi! I save cardboard food boxes (cereal, oatmeal, tea boxes, etc.) then give them to the kids with tape and anything else interesting. The have made robots and buildings.

Another cool idea is a rice box. Fill a small flat conatiner (a plastic shoebox is fine) and other small items (like a sand box with less mess.)

Anonymous said...

COOL, I Love them

Sheila said...

Those cars are so cute! I made a huge list for my boys - rainy day ideas, sunny day ideas, and places to go. I need to write about it on my blog! :)

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