Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pillow fight - for a cause

We're so excited to be guest posting over at the Cap Creations blog, and let me tell you why. Not only do we love Cathy and her creations, but right now she is promoting a very cool contest going on called Pillow Fight--For A Cause. It all started with a very talented 14-year-old girl named Malynn who has spent a lot of time in the hospital this year. In an effort to help other children who have serious medical conditions, she has made it a goal to donate 100 bright cheerful pillow cases to Primary Childrens Medical Center, to brighten up the patients' rooms! Isn't that sweet? Malynn thought it was so helpful to have her own pillowcase in the hospital to cheer up the room, and make it seem more like home, and she wanted to share that with others.

Ladybird Ln has come up with an awesome contest to help her out. It's a Pillow Fight--For A Cause, meaning the best handmade pillow creation wins! And there are four really great prizes! For every entry in the contest, you must 1. enter a homemade pillow (of any kind) you have made and 2. donate one pillow case to Malynn's efforts. Easy, right? We thought this was an amazing way to reach out and help others while doing something we love (and going for a great prize!). So we're featuring this easy Pillow Case Tutorial (one of our original tutorials that the amazing Stacy created waaay back in the beginning!). Head on over to Cap Creations to see our easy Pillow Case Tutorial and get working on your entry!  

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2 Responses to “pillow fight - for a cause”

Ladybird Ln said...

I can not thank you enough for mentioning this, and sharing your tutorial on Cap Creations... I really appreciate it! I just love your blog!


Cap Creations said...

Thanks so much Little Birdies! You are the best! :)

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