Wednesday, June 29, 2011

easy 4th of july centerpieces {tutorial}

Life is beyond crazy at my house house right now, but I'm looking forward to a short break for the fabulous 4th of July holiday. I apologize there haven't been many true tutorials or even crafty ideas here lately (more on that soon), but here's a quick and easy one for your 4th of July festivities in case your life's a little crazy right now, too!

Festive Fourth Flag Centerpieces

*Plastic pop corn containers (these are from the Dollar Tree--yep, only $1 a piece!)
*Small decorative American flags (try the dollar store or a party store, or even Michael's)
*Used newsprint or printer paper
*Kitchen knife
*Crinkle cut shredded paper (like you'd use in gift wrapping--try making your own to save $$)

1. Start with your plastic pop corn containers. Don't you love these little cups? Just the right colors and what's more American than pop corn? And only $1! Wad up some newsprint or thin copy paper and stuff in the bottom of the pop corn cup. This will hold your flags. Use a knife to poke three holes in the paper ball for the flags to stick in (way easier than trying to poke the holes with the flags themselves, trust us!).

2. Insert three flags into the holes you made and arrange them so they are well-spaced. 

3. Fill the rest of the pop corn container up with red and blue crinkled paper shreds, letting a few hang over the edges. 

That's it! These make great centerpieces you can use year after year at a super affordable price, plus you can use the pop corn containers for, well, pop corn the rest of the year! Happy birthday, USA!

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9 Responses to “easy 4th of july centerpieces {tutorial}”

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Love this! So easy! I think I have everything to make it too! Score! Thanks for sharing!


Carrot Cake said...


Lots of loves from Spain :)

Linda said...

Very cute! Just a tip to add, I'm having an outdoor bbq and it may be windy so I'm just adding a little play sand or garden rocks (in a zippy bag) at the bottom for added stability :)

Dinahsoar said...

GREAT idea...simple, cheap...patriotic...looks awesome...what's not to like??

sewfunquilts said...

Great idea except your suggetion on where to buy the supplies. Most dollar store items are MADE IN CHINA! We need to support MADE IN USA on our day of Independence Celebration, (especially a USA FLAG)...don't you think?

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Good point, SewMeow! Please let us know where to find stuff like this (even the flags) made in the USA if you know! I honestly have no idea!

Unknown said...

Easy and cute love it;)

Jessi said...

Super cute!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That's so cute and so simple ... I love that you repurposed the popcorn box ... thanks for the idea.

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