Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FREE mother's day cards from tiny prints!

Lots of fun stuff in the works right now--two new spring crochet patterns, Easter and teacher appreciation ideas, another baby quilt, a card organizer, and Mother's Day gifts. I'm a busy little bee! Which is why I'm breaking down and ordering Mother's Day cards for my mom, mother-in-law, and grandmas this year. It's okay--they're super cute!

Tiny Prints has me covered this year for Mothers’ Day with their Tiny Prints Greeting Card Collection, which lets you create individual personalized cards with photos for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, daughter. . . Seriously, you can create personalized Mother’s Day Cards in a matter of seconds and have Tiny Prints mail them directly to you or the recipient. Can you say easy? For me that means more time for making their spectacular Mother's Day gifts! Or, if for some reason I don't get them done (who, me?), Tiny Prints also has the cutest Mother's Day cards with gift cards printed right inside. Hello! Love it!

But here's the REALLY good part. You can also sign up for a Free Greeting Card Membership, giving you three FREE cards to use right away, as well as discounts on future cards. Three Mother's Day cards down. Easy. Plus discounted Christmas cards, birthday invitations, thank you cards, shower invitations. . .I love it! Right now Tiny Prints is waiving the membership fee, so you have a full year of discounts and three free cards, and you can cancel anytime! Say it with me: risk-free. Ahhh. I love when my life is that easy.

But wait, there's MORE! As an extra bonus, from April 6th to April 12th, all Mother’s Day Greeting Cards will be $.99 cents. So get a few more for the grandmas, daughters, friends, your hair stylist, your kids' teachers, the mail lady (I have a mail lady, not a mail man--I could say carrier, but it's funnier to say "male" lady! ha ha ha, but I digress). . . Don't do anything else until you go sign up for your three FREE cards and ongoing card discounts--do it before the deal is up!

And here's one more coupon for you! Save 10% on orders of $49 or more! I seriously love this company. :)

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4 Responses to “FREE mother's day cards from tiny prints!”

The Dennett's said...

how do you go through the website to get a free one? the only option I see is picking a payment plan. they are super cute and i would love to send one off to my momma and mother-in-law!

MarjAnn said...

Having the same problem- can't find the freebies. . . I see the 99 cent mom day cards, but not the freebies. do we need a code?

erin said...

Oh my goodness--I've heard about this but never actually have gone there until now. I think this solves my really bad procrastination/forgetfulness with sending cards (in-laws are always expecting cards) (I really do have good intentions...). I'm ALWAYS late. I may just have to make ALL my cards, and then have them sent on their birthdays! Wow. Totally worth it instead of spending too much time looking for cards in the store and always forgetting!! Thanks for posting! :)

Casey said...

same here! please help

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