Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monster Mania over at Make and Takes

We had a good response to our "Monster Repellent" post. We can tell that you all have monsters on the mind too. We thought we would follow up with a post about what our friend Marie has been up to over at Make and Takes. Marie is one amazing woman. She is a wife, mother, blogger and now book writer. This gal has been keeping busy and she just finished up an ebook called Monster Mania.

We just love this ebook. It is full of wonderful monster crafts that are sure to appeal to any young guy or gal. The book has very clear step by step pictures on how to create fun monster themed crafts in your home. The projects can be done one at a time or you can have your very own monster party and tackle a few of them at once. The best part is that Marie chose crafts that your little ones can do themselves and that do not require expensive or hard to get supplies. Our favorite is the "Monster Me" craft and the "Monster Feet". Who wouldn't love an extra set of fuzzy red monster feet lying around?

Now that the weather is changing, this ebook may make a good addition to your indoor craft stash.

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3 Responses to “Monster Mania over at Make and Takes”

Anonymous said...

I stumbled over this blog a week ago and absolutely love it! I have been excitedly sharing it with friends. My favorite idea I have found so far is the pie in a jar! So creative and cute! Thanks for such a great blog!

thedoodlegirl said...

oooh, thanks for sharing! These look like too much fun!

Anna said...

I love this blog... cute, cute ideas! THanks!

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