Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how to make your own award ribbons

These simple award ribbons are fun and easy to personalize yourself. Next time you host a contest or a party, make a few of these. They're also great rewards for kids who should always get lots of recognition and praise!

Award Ribbon Tutorial

*Hot Glue Gun
*Crepe Streamers
*Circles and other cut outs
*Fray Check or a match
*Other Embellishments (optional)

1. Start by folding your crepe streamer. Fold one way and then make your next fold going in the opposite direction. You want it to fold up like an accordion.

Your folds should look like this.

2. Stop periodically and spread ends of accordion to meet and form a circle. Keep folding until you are happy with how your circle will look.

3. Get your glue gun ready and your base circle. I used my die cut machine to cut this circle. Not necessary. You can hand cut it or cut any other shape. This part won't show from the front so doesn't have to be perfect. Put a nice outline of hot glue on your shape and then gently place your crepe streamer circle down on the hot glue. Take care not to burn your fingers.

4. Next place a dab of hot glue in the center of your crepe circle. Glue your coordinating paper or shape here. This is where you can get really creative. I just did a simple circle in cardstock. I think next time I will pull out some really fancy buttons and jewelry pieces for my centers. Silk flowers or felt shapes and stickers would also be great alternatives. You can also print or use stickers to write something like "1st Place" or "Great Job!" in the center.

5. Cut your ribbon to your desired length in proportion to your circle. Apply Fray Check to the ends to prevent fraying. If you don't have Fray Check, you can just singe your edges with a match.

6. Hot glue your ribbon to the back of the circle with your crepe and embellishments. If you want to cover up the back, cut a second shape to match your base shape. Glue this on the back to hide all the glue and ribbons. Add a pin if you want to make it something someone can wear.
I don't know about you, but I know a few kids who would think they were pretty big stuff wearing one of these!

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7 Responses to “how to make your own award ribbons”

Deanna said...

LOVE it! i'm pretty sure my almost 4yr old will dig this for picking up toys or having NO accidental piddles in the corner. :) Thanks for the great idea!

P.S. - I ♥ your fabulous blog! You're amazing.

Bev @ The 3 Clutters said...

Now these might be fun to make for my sons birthday party...awards for the games! Kids love to "win" something!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Another great tutorial!!! I love it. Also a great way to use up scraps of this and that.


Heidi said...

oh my gosh, do you know how expensive these things are when you buy them at the party store for "birthday boy", "bride to be", "mother to be", etc. LOVE that I can now make my own (that will match the party too)

Sherry said...

What a great project! Those are expensive to buy in the stores, thanks for the more affordable version!

Callipygian said...

Yet another reason I think it's time I finally buy myself a little glue gun.

Tom said...

Very nice! It's so hard to find award ribbons that go well with the occasions that we plan! Thanks for the instructions, I'll definitely be using these for my nephew's birthday party!

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