Thursday, January 15, 2009

re-styled valentine decor

Here's another super quick and easy idea for some festive Valentine's decor. We "re-styled" this plain old vase with a piece of printed scrapbook paper. Cut your paper to the length of your vase, wrap it around, and secure with a strong paper adhesive or double-sided tape. You could also add a ribbon, but we thought this paper had enough going on without it. Now for some flowers to go in it (hint, hint!).

We "re-purposed" this glass votive holder by taking out the candle and filling it part way with heart-shaped marbles. This is a small dining room table, so a small centerpiece is definitely in order. I found these hearts at a wholesale decor store a few years ago, but I've seen similar marble hearts at Michael's this year. Check out the marble/rock aisle at your craft store.

Got ideas for more re-styled Valentine's decor? Upload your photos to our Flickr pool!

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6 Responses to “re-styled valentine decor”

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

I'm remembering this post! I need a little V-day decor in my house and I have simple vases and a ton of paper. Great idea! And it wouldn't cost me a penny!!

Crystal said...

I know I've said this everytime I leave a comment, but I LOVE THIS BLOG! Yall always have such great ideas. Thank you!

peacenluv78 said...

you've got me thinking about valentine's day now!

Jenna Cox said...

OHWEE!!! I am just starting to get into the valentine's spirit! i love these!

Liz said...

Very cute. My kids would love the glass hearts.

Sarah said...

I just made some Valentine's Day Felt Fortune Cookies and they reminded me of the crafty girls from Little Birdie Secrets. I posted the pictures on your flickr account and I'll have a tutorial up on my blog soon:

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