Thursday, January 22, 2009

easy (and cheap) valentines

When I picked my son up from preschool yesterday, his teacher handed me a newsletter which included information about their Valentine's party. It made me realize that it would be here before I knew it, and I needed to start planning. I came home and started looking online for easy valentine ideas I could make for his classmates. I turned to my trusted friends at They always have great ideas that don't cost much--if anything. Aren't we all looking to save money? I found these wonderful printable valentines. You can choose from several different styles, and print them either in black and white or color. Why not let your child choose what they want to give out?

If you want to actually make some of your own valentines, they have a ton of card ideas for you as well. Click here for a list of them. There are so many cute options with many different themes.
Here are two of my son's favorites.

One of my favorites is this valentine that uses a box of conversation hearts and two mini peanut butter cups to make an mp3 player. How fun is that?

They also have a cute idea of how to make this heart tote for your child to carry all of their valentines in. I will probably make mine a little more masculine for my son, but with how easy this is, it will be no sweat.

Hopefully these ideas get you off to a great start with your valentine planning. Be sure to check out for more ideas.

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7 Responses to “easy (and cheap) valentines”

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love the ipod Valentine! So creative!

Amy R. said...

We are actually doing to ipod idea this year. We bought all of the stuff but, the peanut butter cups looked so big that we went with kisses instead.

Angie said...

Such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing the sites!

Island Girl said...

I love the ipod idea! It's so cute!

Laura said...

what a lovely find this morning, thanks to SITS. Beautiful ideas, and pictures,and a whole lot of inspiration for fun things to do.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Those valentines are so adorable, I love the alien one which can be adapted for any occasion.

Angie said...

It made me happy to see the ipod valentine on your site - I just finished making 24 of them this morning. They couldn't have been easier or cuter!

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