Wednesday, January 7, 2009

personalized chop sticks

Today we have another fun idea for your Chinese New Year celebration. (If you're not already planning one, you'll want to with all our fun ideas this month!) We made these cool personalized chopsticks in just a few minutes. And they were cheap!

We bought a pack of wooden chopsticks at the kitchen store--10 pair for about $2. You'll need a wood burning tool like this one. You can find the Creative Versa-Tool by Walnut Hollow at Michaels or JoAnn Crafts for about $30, and use your 40% off coupon on it. It will probably be in the leather/wood section. This tool has 11 interchangeable points to do everything from wood burning to soldering to photo-transferring. However, you can find cheaper wood burning tools with fewer features.
You may want to practice on a chopstick first. It is a little tricky to make detailed images, which is why we stuck with simple lines and dots. But if you're really ambitious, you could try Chinese characters or full-on fortunes.

Try a different design for every pair, or make them all the same. Wrap up each pair and include a cute tag for a great party favor!

Stay tuned for some great recipes to eat with your chopsticks later this week!

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2 Responses to “personalized chop sticks”

Trying Traditional said...

What a wonderful idea! I always like to do a fun little something for the girls at Tet (Vietnamese New Year.) said...

Oh how fun! I'll be linking in my Chinese New Year roundup.

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