Thursday, June 20, 2013

stay together with skype

Being that my husband and I live far away from our families, it is always important for us to stay connected and keep in touch with our family members. My family is especially spread out across the country, so we always try to find ways to stay involved in each other's lives and what is going on with everyone. Skype is a really great tool to connect us to our family!

Sometimes emailing and texting just isn't the connection we are looking for and I love that with Skype you can talk to someone while looking at them! This is especially great for my kids because they can put a face with the name and really stay connected with each family member. Sometimes it is just not feasible to visit others as often as we would like, but with Skype you can feel like you are visiting them and seeing what's new!

Kind of like this video. She is able to stay connected with how her family of animals has changed and grown!

Tell your own skype story for a chance to win your own impossible family portrait and a trip to see your family!

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