Tuesday, June 25, 2013

easy kids bookmarks {michaels unplugged summer challenge}

Every Summer one of my big goals is to have my kids reading every day! They love reading but sometimes they need an extra push to stay consistent with it and I try to find little ways to get them excited about it. After taking the Michaels Unplugged Summer Pact, I am especially focused on reading and learning activities for my kids.

I decided to make some easy, fun bookmarks with my kids so they would be excited to put them in their books and get reading!

We got a bunch of paper supplies at Michaels and then got to work!

First we made a "rocket ship" bookmark. Just cut a long strip of any patterned paper you want and then fold it in half and glue it together. Then you can cut a triangle in the bottom to make "tails".

We then cut opposite point on the top to make the top into the point of a rocket ship. We added white card stock onto the front so the boys could have their names on it.

The boys added an embellishment and then we cut holes in the bottom and added some strips of ribbon to make it look like fire was coming out of the bottom.

My son wanted to make a bookmark to put on the corner of the page so we also made a few of those.
The first one was just 2 simple squares of patterned paper glued together with a little tab of ribbon hanging out. We glued that together but then my son decided stapling would be easier. Fine by me!

For the last bookmark my son decided on an alien bookmark. This was his version of an alien when I told him he could add some teeth or button noses, etc.

We had a lot of fun making these simple bookmarks and the boys love them! They love keeping them in the books they are reading and switching around which ones they use. Make your own simple bookmarks this summer for an easy kids craft and get your kids reading!

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